Landscaping Companies in the Bay Area on Current Landscape Design Trends

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Bay Area Landscape Design Trends Keep Evolving

Ever wondered what makes landscape design in the Bay Area so distinctive? It is the unique and growing landscape design trends that are being conveyed by landscape companies in the Bay Area for their clients across the region.

Check out these current landscaping trends in the Bay Area:

Extension of the Indoors

One of the current trends is to create an extension of the indoors- outside! Extended living space is very appealing, particularly in the mild Bay Area climate, and the way to do this successfully in any climate is with a pergola. A pergola is an outdoor structure that provides overhead shelter along with a lot of versatility. Landscaping companies in the Bay Area can provide you with an array of materials, styles, and placement to match your goals for your new outdoor living space. For example, you can cover your pergola in inclement weather or use as a foundation for climbing foliage. Traditional pergolas date back to the masonry designed pergolas common during the Italian Renaissance.

Technology and Automation

Another trend that shows no sign of slowing down is technology. Technology and automation are changing the way that homeowners utilize and enjoy their outdoor spaces. From light fixtures with remotes and dimmers to high-end security systems, going high-tech promises to stay in style a while.

Bold Color

Conventional colors for patios and lanais are being replaced with bold and unconventional outdoor color, like coral, lime, metallic, and black! Homeowners are striving to optimize small spaces with big color and creating a distinctive curb appeal in the process.

Curb Appeal Plus Function

Speaking of curb appeal, the latest trend is to maximize curb appeal plus function with multi-purpose features. For example, use a retaining wall to help level the property, but also use it as a point of interest by planting a bed of ornamental grasses nearby. Create an aesthetic with the existing features of your property with care, attention, and maintenance.

Recycled Features

Give passers-by something to see with some unique and recycled yard art. Consider giving scrap metal a second life by turning it into an installation in your yard or garden. For instance, create bird feeders from old hub-caps or planters from tires; give old tools a coat of paint and secure to a fence or wall for a fun detail.

Landscape Design Companies Help You Transform Your Home

Ready to transform your exteriors? Use these tips and talk to the Viking Pavers Bay Area landscape design team to learn more. Working with landscaping companies in the Bay Area ensures that you are up to date with current design trends, while also ensuring a new back yard, driveway or patio that will stand the test of time and look great for years and years. Call Viking Pavers at 800-941-1014 or request a free consultation from our website.