Need a Little Extra Privacy? These Plants May Do The Trick

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How Can Landscapers in the Bay Area Plan for Backyard Privacy?

Sometimes, you just want privacy in your own backyard. If a fence doesn’t or won’t fix the problem, you might turn to plants that can fill in the areas where your neighbors can see through. Here are some dense plants that will fit your needs. Discuss the problem with landscapers in the Bay Area who can combine hardscaping elements with these plants for added privacy.


Bamboo is a popular species that grows fast and dense to create a beautiful privacy screen for your yard. Bamboo can handle colder weather, even freezing temperatures, so you won’t lose it over the winter. Some varieties are invasive, so choose a variety that you can control.


Holly shrubs and trees grow very dense, which offers a sense of privacy in your yard. The bonus are the red berries that can add color to your landscape in the winter. If you have small children or sensitive hands, choose a variety that has a softer leaf instead of the thick, spiky leaf.

Chocolate Vine

Landscaping companies in the Bay Area can help you design a trellis or pergola in your yard where you can grow this thick, hardy vine that features purple flowers with a fragrant aroma in early summer. Chocolate vine grows quickly. It will need to be pruned to keep it from taking over your garden, but it will also add some privacy when placed in the right position.


If you have a sunny spot for a hedge, lilacs make a beautiful statement in your yard. They’ll smell wonderful in late spring as they bloom, but the leaves will provide privacy all through the summer. Annual pruning to remove damaged branches encourages the lilacs to grow.


Cypress trees grow up to five feet each year, so these tall, slender trees will provide more privacy each year. Fast growing trees need more maintenance than other types. Be prepared to prune them regularly so they don’t overtake the space. They do make a stunning border for your landscape.

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