Is It Time to Replace Your Deck? Let’s Find Out!

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Landscapers in the Bay Area Share Tips to Evaluate Your Deck

A wood deck looks beautiful when its new, but as it ages, it can become a hazard and eyesore. Your deck adds value when it looks great, so think about replacing your deck when you notice these symptoms. When you’re ready to update your deck, talk to the best deck and patio installers in the Bay Area.

Your Deck Is Warped, Cracked, or Split

A deck is out in the elements 365 days a year, so it takes a lot of abuse from Mother Nature. If the wood is starting to warp or crack, it’s definitely time to update your deck to make sure no one gets injured. Once you see the visuals signs of decay, there may be more that you don’t see.

Unsteady Railings or Wobbly Boards

If the railings feel unstable or the boards are staring to get wobbly, the nails that hold the deck together might be loose. If you are seeing visible nails that you can’t pound back in securely, this is another sign that your deck is at the end of its lifespan. A professional inspection from a company that specializes in deck designs in the Bay Area to determine whether the damage can be repaired or if you need to invest in a new deck.

Sagging Deck

When the deck appears to be sagging, it’s likely that you have substructure damage in the supports. Wood rot can occur in these places due to moisture and corrosion. You should have your deck checked out by a professional, but you will probably need to think about replacing the deck.

Termites or Other Pests Have Taken Over the Deck

Carpenter ants eat through wood. Termites devour wood. If these types of pests have compromised your deck, you will need to talk to a professional pest control team to remediate the problem. You should have your home inspected to find any other damage. Once you are pest-free, you’ll want to make repairs or replacement, depending on the amount of damage.

Build a Sturdy Deck or Patio With Pavers and Landscapers in the Bay Area

A wood deck is beautiful, but it does wear out quicker than a stone or concrete paver patio. Consider pavers for your deck replacement. Landscapers in the Bay Area can help you incorporate your new hardscaping into your garden to match your home and lifestyle. Contact Viking Pavers today for a free consultation for your outdoor project.