Landscape Designers Principles of Line, Color, and Texture

How to implement line, color, and texture into your landscape design.


Amazing landscapes are pleasing to the eye yet simultaneously intriguing to the mind. They present a unified vision but use contrasts to create a focal point or to highlight specific features.

Effective landscape design relies on line, color and texture to create the perfect outdoor experience.

Line refers to how the eye follows the landscaping, and it contains both vertical and horizontal elements. Vertical lines are created by the placement of paths, beds, and water features. Straight lines provide a fast, direct experience of the landscape. Curved lines are smooth and graceful, creating an experience of relaxation and discovery.

Vertical lines are formed by the use of trees, shrubs and other taller features to add depth and interest to the landscape. Flowerbeds also create vertical lines, since flowers and vegetation grow to different heights. Landscaping companies use both vertical and horizontal lines to create desired effects.

Color sets the mood for the landscape. Monochromatic designs start with one color and use various tints or shades to complete the pallet. This landscaping choice often complements the colors of a home. Analogous schemes use colors that are similar in shade and are adjacent on the color wheel. In landscaping, this effect can be created with flowering or non-flowering plants.

Complementary color schemes are those that are opposite each other on the color wheel. They provide the strongest contrast and boldest designs. Colors will change with the seasons, presenting additional landscaping challenges and opportunities.

Texture refers to the shape and style of the plants, pathways, buildings, and other elements of the landscape. Pointy trees and round bushes provide different textural elements to the yard. Flagstone paths versus pebble-filled walkways give the user diverse experiences.

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