What Landscape Design Goes With Your Bay Area Home?

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The Right Landscape Design in the Bay Area Depends on What Style of Home You Have

The homes across the Bay Area in Northern California are as unique and diverse as the people that live here. Distinctive curb appeal for these properties often relies on creative landscaping and hardscaping features. From patios to pits and plants to driveways, consider the input of a local design and installation professional in the area that has distinct experience with  landscape design for Bay Area homes, making the most of the inherent style and natural surroundings of the property.

Coordinate your Bay Area home with these landscape design ideas and suggestions:

Beach Abode

Embrace the California beach vibe with the landscape design around your smaller, waterfront home or property. Talk to landscape contractors in the Bay Area about masonry and fencing that will enhance and elevate the simple charm and breezy feel of your beach cottage. Stick with plants that thrive near saltwater, and consider classic flora like hydrangeas and roses, often seen in landscaping at homes near the shore.

Subtle Sophistication

If your home is large and traditional, consider implementing a sense of stately sophistication with hardscaped features, like pillars. Hardscapes are a great addition to a large rolling lawn or flat, brick facades. Pair with tall conifers or topiaries for a subtle and timeless curb appeal. Make sure to hire year-round landscapers in the Bay Area to maintain and mow as needed.

Eco-Friendly Ideas

Bring attention to your front door and welcome guests with some simple eco-friendly ideas. Opt for local plants and hedges, as well as a sustainable, drought-resistant garden with native plants, moss, and grass. Create your own small eco-system for wildlife in the area, like birds and squirrels.

Ranch and Modular Dwellings

There are many ranch style homes in the Bay Area, and these types can tend to look very uniform and basic without attention to the landscaping. Choose gardens outside windows to add a view to your favorite home spaces; choose unconventional trees and plants that will bring something new to the property. Add larger foundation plants, like conifers or palms, to the corners of the home to take away the boxy shape.

Ornate Architecture

When visiting the Bay Area, many are surprised by the number of lofty, Victorian style homes in the region. When it comes to curb appeal and landscape design, less is often more with ornate architecture. If you go big, consider if it could be competing with the appearance of your home. Choose foliage that thrives in the climate, including ivy, willow trees, and evergreens, while also paying attention to features like arbors and pergolas, which coordinate well with Victorian style homes.

Thoughtful landscape design is also an effective way to camouflage outbuildings or areas of your property that are under repair or renovation. Talk to your landscape designer to learn how.

Bay Area Landscape Design Company

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