Landscape Design: Paver Pathways in Your Garden

Landscaping Companies Can Help You Design a Useful and Beautiful Paver Path

A well-planned landscape design is the foundation of a spectacular backyard. Properly designed paths keep your feet dry and provide easy access to the main house. A great path can also create a comprehensive and functional yet beautiful aperture, that both delineates the garden area and links unrelated paths into one main path. This not only connects the house to the yard physically, but visually, creating a seamless and aesthetically pleasing effect.

Utilizing pavers for your backyard path is a great overall investment. Paver installation cost may be higher than other materials initially, but the ease of installation and the money saved in the long run is well worth the initial investment. Repairs are very easy on pavers, especially when compared to other materials. You will not have to worry less about staining or sealing pavers regularly like you would with other surfaces. This makes it a great low maintenance option.

When designing a path with pavers, it’s important to start with the right foundation. Be sure to pack the paver base or sand it down using a wacker plate compactor or tamper. A solid level and smooth base is imperative when properly laying down pavers. Also remember to repack subsequent layers of material when designing the path.

It is also important to design routes based off of the primary path. The primary path leads to the front and back doors and often connects with the street or sidewalk. It’s advisable to keep the primary path straight because this will extend the architecture and produce a formal, sophisticated look which is very appropriate near the main house. As you move away from the main path, it’s normal to loosen the formality by planting shrubbery along the path.

When planning for a secondary path, allowing for curves and a narrower surface is advisable, since these paths tend to branch into lesser used areas such as secluded benches or vegetables gardens. Adding gentle curves will cause the area to appear more relaxed, casual and also even out an incline or physical elevation. To make sure the secondary paths appear comprehensive, try to curve the paths around an existing tree and set a garden feature like a piece of shrubbery or a boulder. You can also try to follow the dripline of the trees, which is the area right outside of the branch tips.

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When you route a path properly it can create pleasant visual illusions and set a welcoming ambiance in your backyard. To learn about landscaping companies that offer great paver installation, email us today or call Viking Pavers today at: (800) 941-1014