Bay Area Landscape Design and Hardscaping Considerations for a Great Outdoor Kitchen


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One of the hottest trends in outdoor living and Bay Area landscape design is including an outdoor kitchen. Homeowners today can design a luxurious outdoor space for cooking customized to their own tastes. It’s no longer just a grill and picnic table in the backyard. A permanent installation can include major appliances, electric and gas hookups, a wood-fired oven and premium dining furniture. If you’re considering an upgrade, here are some considerations for hardscaping and landscaping.

Make Good Decisions About Your Outdoor Kitchen Installation

Choose the right location

Think about accessibility and traffic in your back yard. You may also want easy access to your home. If your area has a prevailing wind direction, consider where the grill’s smoke will blow. Don’t forget to think about the views from the inside and where your outdoor kitchen overlooks. Professional outdoor kitchen installers in the Bay Area can help you plan a great location.

Consider how you will use your kitchen

If you’re making an investment in an outdoor kitchen, you want to make sure that it fits your family’s ideas and needs. How do you plan to use the space? It should work into your landscape design in the Bay Area, but it should also add functionality to your backyard.

Design your outdoor kitchen or BBQ island with performance in mind

Your outdoor kitchen should function much like your indoor one. You want areas where you can do tasks, such as prepare food, cook, plate and serve. Lighting is very important, even if you don’t think you’ll use your patio at night. In the early evening, you want your work surfaces well-lit for safety and comfort.

Audition a spot

Before installing paving stones and stonework that can’t be moved, set up a portable grill and table and chair set. See what it’s like to cook and eat in this location. Try out different times of day. As the sun moves, it might change your perspective. Think about what it’s like to carry things from the main kitchen. Note your paths. You may need to repeat this experiment with different spots to find the best place for your outdoor kitchen.

Hire Professional Outdoor Kitchen Installers in the Bay Area

Many homeowners aren’t familiar with kitchen design, so it pays to talk to an outdoor kitchen installer in the Bay Area to make sure you are making the right choices and planning ahead. It could save you a lot of trouble as you choose products and install your new hardscape. Viking Pavers is a local Bay Area landscape design, paver installation, and outdoor kitchen design company that can help you plan the perfect outdoor setting for your home. Call us at (800) 941-1014 or contact us to schedule a free consultation.