Artificial Turf Isn’t For Everyone But It Has It’s Place in Landscape Design in the Bay Area

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Synthetic Grass Lawns Area Are Trending in Landscape Design in the Bay

Artificial turf was once thought of only for sports complexes, but modern synthetic grass lawns are trending in the Bay Area. It’s not just the drought that is giving artificial turf its place in landscaping. Artificial grass offers many benefits in your backyard. While some people use it throughout their landscape, it’s much more popular for small spaces that don’t get a lot of sun or have drainage issues. Artificial grass is also used around stepping stones, because it is very versatile and flexible. If you have a play area that gets a lot of traffic, artificial turf can be padded to make it safer.

Advantages of Artificial Turf

Synthetic turf can be a nice part of your landscape design in the Bay Area if it’s used correctly. It’s best in spaces where you can’t plant grass or other plants. Because artificial turf can be easily cleaned, it’s great for dog runs. Your pets can play in a grassy area while you won’t have to repair the grass where your canine buddy pees. Pets (and kids) won’t track in mud, either.

Artificial turf doesn’t need water, pesticides, or fertilizer. It’s an eco-friendly material that is easy to maintain. Many types of artificial grass are made from recyclable materials, making it even more environmentally conscious. There’s no mowing, trimming, or edging, another way that synthetic turf is eco-friendly. Modern artificial grass resembles natural grass more than it did in the past. Using artificial turf in places that might be difficult to mow, such as around pavers in your yard, might be just the right plan to save time in upkeep.

The Downsides to Artificial Turf

Although synthetic grass has its benefits, there are some things to know about this material. Some synthetic turfs trap heat. Turf that sits in the sun all day will get hot. This also impacts the runoff water, making it warmer than runoff from natural grass, affecting aquatic ecosystems negatively. However, many manufacturers are working to create artificial turf that has cooling mechanisms. Artificial turf can also keep rain from getting into the soil. Another concern is the installation cost. Turf can be more expensive to install than natural grass. Artificial lawns do need to be replaced every 10 years or so. Most synthetic lawn material is not easily recyclable, so you do have to consider that you will be contributing to landfills at that point.

Is Artificial Turf Right for Your Lawn?

Synthetic grass can thrive where natural grass doesn’t, which can give it a place in your landscape design. Using artificial grass along with other native low-water plants can enhance your gardens while benefiting natural ecosystems.

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