10 Plants to Incorporate into your Landscape Design to Deter Pests

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Don’t let Pests Ruin Your Beautiful Landscape Design in the Bay Area

A pretty landscape adds curb appeal to your home, whether you’re selling or not. Good landscape design in the Bay Area adds functionality to your yard by incorporating elements that make your outdoor space more livable. One way to do that is to prevent pests through natural plants. Here are 10 plants that fit into your garden and deter pests.

  1. Marigolds

    These annuals love the sunshine and look like little sunbursts in your garden. The scent repels mosquitos and aphids.

  1. Petunias

    Although petunias are perennials, they often don’t survive the frost, so they’re usually considered annuals. If you have a vegetable garden, you’ll want to plant petunias nearby, because they repel tomato hornworms, aphids, squash bugs and asparagus beetles.

  1. Chives

    Aphids and mites do not like chives, nor do rabbits, so this herb is a great addition to your garden. Added bonus is that you can cook with chives, so it does double duty.

  2. Lavender

    You may already use lavender in your closet to repel moths. In your garden, lavender repels mosquitoes. It does need a lot of sun and good drainage though.

  1. Mint

    Mint repels mosquitoes, but this herb can easily spread throughout your yard. Plant it in containers for best results to contain its growth. Use it to make iced tea in the summer while you’re enjoying your pest-free garden. Your landscapers in the Bay Area can help you find a way to manage the spread of mint.

  1. Basil

    Basil is one of the most delicious herbs for cooking. There’s no end to how it can be used in your kitchen. Even better, it helps keep mosquitoes and flies away from your yard.

  1. Rosemary

    Another herb that keeps flies and mosquitoes out of your garden. Plus, it can enhance your meals, even though it can be a stronger flavor. It’s easy to maintain and grow.

  1. Citronella grass

    You may have citronella candles in your garden, but there’s nothing like the real thing. This grass is easy to grow, and it looks great in your yard. Plant it near windows or doors to keep flying insects from entering your home.

  1. Chrysanthemums

    Many insecticides use an extract from plants that are part of the Pyrethrum genus, of which the mum is a part. Mums are beautiful flowering plants that add color to your garden, and keep roaches, ants, ticks, and fleas away.

  1. Garlic

    Garlic is an effective pest repellent, but more importantly, fresh garlic is amazing in your favorite dishes. It’s easy to grow, but it does like a lot of sun. Plant it in late fall to give the roots time to take hold over the winter. Slugs, aphids, and mosquitoes do not like garlic.

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