Bay Area Landscape Design More than Just Decks and Patios

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Beautiful, Sustainable & Low-Maintenance Landscape Design Bay Area

Traditionally, a well-kept lawn used to be considered the pinnacle of suburban agricultural existence. Landscaping companies in the Bay Area are getting more requests these days for intricate landscape design and hardscaping design plans.

Homeowners in the Bay Area aren’t as satisfied with having only great grass anymore. Many want their own green space that reflects their personality and also shows off innovative landscape design and hardscaping.

Some may initially consider trying their hand at DIY landscaping but a smarter choice is to bring in the talents of a skilled landscape company in the Bay Area. This can provide access to greater skills and experience than you likely possess, along with knowledge of current design trends and familiarity with local growing conditions.

Essentially, if you have the vision for landscaping design, a Bay Area company can help make it a reality.

Some examples of possible landscape projects taking place in the Bay area include:

  • Great gardens. Not only are clients asking for help putting in gardens that look beautiful, but ones that supply tasty fruits and vegetables. Grow the produce you want – it’s healthy and it’s affordable.
  • Help the world. Flowers and shrubs that attract bees and allow them opportunities to pollinate are great. They are usually colorful and smell well. Plus since the world’s bees are threatened, anything that can give them a boost is helps all of us.
  • Small lawns. Less grass means less water, which is a win for this limited resource. And less area to mow if that’s one of your tasks. Plus, less grass means room for other features. Maybe native plants? A pond?
  • More patio enjoyment. If you’re searching for quality decks and patio installers in the Bay Area. A deck or patio can be a perfect place to enjoy your yard, have a meal or a drink.
  • ‘Greener’ equipment. Lawn equipment is becoming quieter and better for the environment – and neighborhood noise. For instance, there are now battery-powered trimmers and electric mowers. There are even automated mowers, similar to automated vacuums that propel themselves across the lawn.
  • Sustainable plants. Drought-tolerant plants that are from the correct zone can make your backyard appealing and also reduce your need to maintain something that doesn’t quite fit. It’s also fun to learn about native plants, and you can encourage your neighbors to do the same.
  • Different shapes. We’ve traditionally looked at our yards in terms of “a big square,” but consulting with a landscape designer in the Bay Area can help you consider different areas and different shapes and different usage areas that will be visually appealing as well as tranquil to sit and enjoy.
  • A soothing space. Part of the reason we enjoy gardens so much is the ability to get close to nature and tune out from the world without having to travel far. If you tell your Bay Area landscape designer “I want a place to escape” they’ll help you come up with a tranquil area to unwind, reflect, and watch the bees.

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