Landscape Companies in the Bay Area See Rising Demand for Succulents

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Landscapers in the Bay Area use succulent plants in landscape design for many reasons. Succulents are related to cactus plants, but usually don’t have thorns. Most people recognize an aloe or jade plant but may not realize these plants are succulents. A succulent plant has thick leaves that are fleshy and engorged. Learn more about how these beautiful plants can be used in your yard and why you should consider them as part of your landscape.

Why Home Landscapers in the Bay Area Might Consider a Succulent Garden

They Are High Interest Plants

There are many, unique varieties, of succulents, giving you many different options for your Bay Area outdoor garden. Mexican hen and chicks are popular additions to California gardens, not only because they come in a beautiful aquamarine color, but because they are delicate and attractive and will, over time, fill up a space. The Perle von Nurnburg resembles the hen and chicks, but it’s purple colored. A lipstick Echeveria is bright green with a red rim around the leaves that is very showy. Landscape contractors in the Bay Area can help you find the succulent plants that match your style and personality.

Succulents are a Low Water Landscape Design Choice

Succulents retain water for a long time, much like cacti. This is probably one reason that many landscape companies in the Bay Area may recommend succulents for use in gardens. You’ll need less water to maintain the plants, which is good for your utility bills and for the environment. Not only do succulents make stunning additions to your garden, they are functional as well.

Easy Maintenance

Choosing the right succulents for your yard can also reduce the time or money you spend on maintenance. Many outside succulents are pest resistant by nature. The leaves are thick, making them harder for pests to infiltrate. That said, they’re not impervious to pests. Succulents do well in raised beds with drainage. You can find succulent plants that only need a minimum of sunlight, which means that they fit well in any part of your garden. Any spot where succulents are planted won’t require mowing, also good for the environment.

Easy to Make More Plants

Succulents grow from cuttings from a larger plant. The hen and chicks, for example, features little plants that can eventually grow into bigger plants. You get many decades of plants from one specimen. You can take cuttings from one plant and start more every season in different areas in your yard. With just a few small and relatively affordable specimens you can fill up a garden space over the course of a few years with volunteer plants or cuttings from your original selections.

Succulents are Perfect for Bay Area Landscapes

Succulents make perfect additions to a garden in the Bay Area. Check with your landscaping company about planting succulents to make your yard pop.

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