Landscape Design for Bay Area Hillside Properties

retaining wall landscaping bay area

Landscape design in the Bay Area comes with its own unique challenges. Hillside properties are one example of the types of factors that local landscaping companies must take into consideration. The good news is that if all or part of your property lies on a slope, there is much you can do to work with this issue.

Landscaping on a Hillside

One of the first details you may need to consider is the effects that a slope can have. Since the earth on such a property is at risk of moving downward due to erosion, you will probably need to install a retaining wall. Fortunately, this feature creates a variety of design possibilities, such as additional seating and maximizing your gardening options. Once a retaining wall is established and the runoff of water and soil is consequently manageable, you can take further steps to make the most of your land.

With a managed slope, you may want to add paths or walkways lined with paving stones. This will give you and your guests an added, meaningful way to enjoy the layout you choose. Another strategy is to provide stairs, which can be positioned directly into the hillside for easy access to the property.

You might also create an outdoor cooking area near the foot of your retaining wall. This could be an excellent place to end a walkway and have a patio made of stone pavers. In the center of your patio, you can install a barbecue island or even a full outdoor kitchen.

Landscape Design Tips for Hillsides and Slopes

If you are planning to have a retaining wall on your hillside property, make sure that you select a material that enhances your landscaping goals. A stone retaining wall, for example, can be beneficial if you want to cultivate plant life within the perimeter of the wall. This is because stone generally retains the heat of the day quite well, leading to an optimal growing condition for many types of plants.

In terms of what you might plant on your hillside, the possibilities are seemingly endless. You can opt for a strictly functional garden of vegetables and herbs, for example. On the other hand, you might seek a largely ornamental area of visually appealing plants and flowers. In many cases, a combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal is the best way to go.

If there is some distance between your home and the sloped area of your land, a stone walkway could be a perfect accent. By laying paving stones in a direct path to your house, you can create a charming effect. Once you add flowers, plants, trees, and shrubs, the end result may be reminiscent of a storybook cottage situated in a magical forest.

While you may prefer the look of a well-kept lawn, this can be difficult to maintain on a slope. Additionally, as many landscape companies in the Bay Area would likely confirm, a full lawn is not the best choice in terms of water conservation. A compelling alternative for numerous California property owners is to make use of synthetic turf. This can serve as the primary component above your retaining wall, or you can use it to complement the real plant life in your hillside garden.

Embracing the Structure of Your Land

No matter what kind of property you own, employing the right landscape design can make all the difference in how you experience it. A hillside layout offers much potential for creativity! At Viking Pavers, we are committed to implementing the vision you seek for your property. We are also one of the leading landscape contractors in the Bay Area. Call us at (800) 941-1014, or contact us online to request a free consultation.