Before Installing Landscaping Your Hardscape Design Should Be Complete

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When most people want to improve the appearance of their backyard or business property, hiring a landscaper is one of the first things that comes to mind. Before you can make your outdoor space beautiful with plants and flowers, however, it is necessary to install the hardscape features whether that calls for a paving contractor in the Bay Area or other hardscaping elements like retaining walls and sitting walls or paver patios. The term hardscape refers to decorative structures that support and highlight the softscape designs such as various types of plants. Common examples of hardscaping include water features, benches, fences surrounding a garden, and rock structures.

Unless you have significant experience in this area, you are better off hiring a hardscape company Bay Area to complete this first phase of your yard makeover. When you work with Viking Pavers in Santa Clara County, you have the benefit of knowing that experienced contractors who have completed hundreds of hardscape projects are working on your project as well. We invite you to search this page for links to our reviews on top websites such as Yelp, Google, and the Better Business Bureau where we maintain an A+ rating.

Planning Your Landscape Design Bay Area

Once we have installed your hardscape features, it’s time for you to decide which anchor plants to put in place. Anchor plants are large trees and shrubs that make up most of your landscape and provide support to the other foliage. Most homeowners choose to install anchor plants at the corners of their house. The benefit of this placement is that it helps to visually break up the space between the house and its landscape.

Anchor plants also act as important focal points. Here are some common examples of focal points, which can include either hardscape or softscape features:

  • Birdbath
  • Foot bridge
  • Fountain
  • Specimen plants and trees
  • Statues

Never assume that you have to keep the first focal points you established. If you step back several feet and the area doesn’t look right to you, don’t be afraid to move, add, or remove items until the area looks perfect to your eyes. Once you’re certain you don’t want to make any more changes, you’re ready to install the rest of the foliage like hedges and flowerbeds. Due to their larger size, you should plant the hedges first.

Tips for Planting a Gorgeous Garden

Even if you have never planted a garden before, you can do so easily by following these tips:

  • Place the tallest plants in the back of the garden.
  • Be sure to leave enough space to walk without trampling the plants.
  • Know the typical growing pattern of each plant, especially as it pertains to seasons.
  • Consider size, color, and texture and aim for enough contrast to make your garden interesting as well as beautiful.

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