Have You Heard of a California Room? A New Bay Area Landscape Design Trend

california room landscape design bay area

A Growing Bay Area Landscape Design Trend

A new architectural trend is offering homeowners the best of the outdoors and the indoors, all in one place: California rooms.

The concept is simple: essentially one room of a home’s interior is turned into a transitional room by removing a wall to the outdoors. This provides easy access to natural scenery and perhaps can let in a pleasant breeze.

This type of upscale landscape design Bay Area residents are beginning to become interested in is distinct from other successful indoor-outdoor blendings such as a screened porch, a sunroom, or a home with an outdoor/patio kitchen with culinary equipment and fixtures.

The California room concept, on the other hand, nicely employs interior design rules and principles, starting with comfortable, even elegant furniture that can be reclined in. The furnishings can be classier than traditional outdoor chairs and tables, which are designed to be more functional and sturdy.

The history

If you’re a California resident wondering why they are called California rooms, you’re not alone. Even though this design concept is only just coming to the Golden State, it has been around for centuries in Western Europe. It was not uncommon in Mediterranean countries like France, Greece or Italy to have an indoor/outdoor room where you can sit comfortably in the shade but still enjoy breezes coming from the water or hills.

When design pros were looking for how to describe the same principle in the U.S., they thought of parts of California which included elegant homes with lovely views over the ocean. Much of California also boasts high temperatures throughout the year, along with people who enjoy entertaining and appreciating the scenery.

Getting started

Landscaping companies Bay Area residents like to work with should be asked for their thoughts about what creating a California room will entail or perhaps if they know a building contractor who can also be a part of the discussion. Some homes simply convert an existing room into a California room by removing a wall.

In other cases, the project is more of an addition to the backyard or the side yard, much like adding a porch or an attached outbuilding. This approach might be especially appealing to homeowners since you wouldn’t actually lose physical home square footage.

This process would require some landscaping changes, since, with an obvious new opening into and out of your home, you’d need to consider a path or paths in and out, some plants along the borders, or even fencing for privacy and security. Being able to look out what previously may have been an interior wall might result in seeing different areas of the yard, so some changes may be necessary with regards to tree lines, types of plants and other areas that now will attract your attention.

The price for a California room, will, of course, vary by who you work with and your final plans, but most landscape companies Bay Area residents will consider will have a good idea about costs and recommended placement.

Bay Area Landscape Companies Help Create Your Dream Back Yard

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