In 2021 Homeowners Focused on Hardscape and Landscape Design Projects

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Did You Invest in these Landscape Design Projects in 2021?

Even before the pandemic, homeowners were investing in outdoor spaces and landscaping for curb appeal and functionality. During the pandemic, landscape renovations really increased as more people were forced to stay home. Landscape design for your Bay Area home can boost your living space by taking your family into your backyard. Here are some of the most popular home renovation trends.

Outdoor Kitchens

Hardscape designers can take your Bay Area backyard from a grilling session to a full kitchen where you can practically live outside. Make your backyard an extension of your home for outdoor living with a pizza oven, full sink and prep area, and a new location for homework, work, and entertaining. Add awning or other elements that protect you and your family from the elements and keep you more comfortable while you’re enjoying nature.

Landscaping Investment

Homeowners are spending more money on plants and trees for their landscape for enjoyment purposes and for practicality. Raised garden beds let you grow vegetables almost year-round, depending on the variety. Include fruit trees in your landscape to be more sustainable. Look for native plants that support the local ecosystem when you’re talking to your landscapers. Install hardscape elements, such as paths made of walkway pavers or benches, that give you a way to enjoy your backyard safely.

Outdoor Living

If cooking isn’t your thing, transform your backyard into a place for entertaining with a fireplace or fire pit. Update your patio with electrical elements that give your teens a place to hang out after school. Build a dining room outside on your patio to take in the morning sunrise with your coffee. A living room setting can give you space for entertaining in the evening. A bar can make you the envy of everyone in your neighborhood when you showcase your bartending skills in your own backyard.

An Outdoor Spa Retreat

You may not have room or the inclination to add a pool to your backyard, but you can make your garden more spa-like with landscape renovations. Define spaces in your yard with pavers. Make focal points in your yard with seating and architectural elements that inspire peace. Create the space that makes you happy by working with a landscape designer to develop your garden. Water elements are very soothing and when combined with pavers and stones, they can become part of your every day routine.

Landscape Design & Hardscaping Professionals in the Bay Area

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