Unlock Your Weekends with Low-Maintenance Landscaping Design

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How to Go Low-Maintenance with Landscape Contractors in the Bay Area

Owning a home is great until you realize how much time it takes to keep up with maintenance, both inside and out. Fortunately, you have options to reduce the time you spend in your yard. Talk to your landscape contractors in the Bay Area about these ideas that help you take back your weekend without giving up any curb appeal.

New Ideas in Ground Cover

Many homeowners are using alternatives to grass, from mondo grass or purple leaf wintercreeper to cover the ground without having to mow to synthetic grass lawns in the Bay Area. Today’s artificial grass is much different from even a decade ago. It looks more realistic and is easy to take care of. You just have to keep it free of debris.

Install a Water Feature

One great way to stop mowing is to change the grass into different landscape options. A water feature takes up space, looks beautiful, and sounds calming with less maintenance than a lawn. Install a path with pavers to enjoy the water. Put a bench beside it where you can sit and relax. Suddenly, your yard becomes more enjoyable without all the work.

Use Native Plants

Plants native to the area take less watering and usually are less maintenance than plants that haven’t adapted to the climate and soil. You’ll use less fertilizer and other chemicals, plus you won’t have to tend to the plants as often. Many native plants are naturally drought-resistant, but you can specify that with your landscaper.

Build an Outdoor Living Space

Instead of a yard with grass and plants, set aside a section of your yard as an outdoor living space. Lay down pavers to create a base. Put in elements that match your style and personality. If you enjoy cooking, an outside kitchen can bring everyone together to enjoy nature while you eat. A fire pit is a great way to unwind in the evening when the nights are cooler. You could even put in an living room space where everyone can watch a movie together outside while getting fresh air.

Landscape Contractors in the Bay Area – Ready to Get Started?!

The key to a low-maintenance yard is good landscape design in the Bay Area to manage your outdoor space. Contact us to get more ideas and information.