What’s Your Landscape Design Style? Landscape Contractors Share 5 Popular Styles

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Bay Area Landscaping Companies Garden Trends

In the past couple of decades, landscape design has really taken off in residential properties. Landscaping companies in the Bay Area not only use design to make your yard beautiful, but also to find solutions to your outdoor gardening problems. Landscaping adds value to your home. Using the right plants reduces your carbon footprint. Installing hardscaping elements increases the use of your outdoor living space. Work with the confines of your yard to find the right landscape style for your home.

Xeriscape Landscapes

Many landscape companies in the Bay Area use xeriscape design to conserve water and reduce maintenance. Xeriscape design is about reducing water use outside. Use native plants that don’t take a lot of watering, such as succulents or cacti. Install hardscape elements, such as walkways or patio stones that reduce the need for grass.

Japanese Gardens

Japanese gardens are symbolic of peace. The primary focus is on nature, water, plants and rocks. Symmetry and balance are important in a Japanese style garden. Use hardscaping elements for walkways but soften the edges by not using straight lines. Stone basins and koi ponds are popular elements in a Japanese garden.

Southwest Style Landscape

The southwest style is popular for Spanish and Native American details that incorporate native plants and bright colors into the garden. Red clay pavers and natural stone fit well into a southwest design. A large well-shaded patio is usually the focus because it can be an extension of your hospitality. Terracing is another popular element of southwest design, so if you have a sloped yard, it could work well. Retaining walls and other hardscaping elements add texture and functionality.

English Design

The English landscape design is a classic style that has to be scaled down for most residential homes. It consists of shrubs and plants that complement your home’s architectural lines. Arbors, bird baths and benches are hardscaping elements that add dimension. A cobblestone path or natural stone path fits right into the style.

Butterfly Gardens

A butterfly garden draws birds, bees and butterflies to your yard. You want open areas that are protected from the wind. Choose plants that have bright flowers that attract flying creatures. Use hardscape elements to separate garden beds and to give you space to walk through the garden. Include a bench, maybe behind a small wall to watch what comes to your yard.

Landscape Designers in the Bay Area

Contact landscape contractors in the Bay Area to find the look you want in your landscape. By using the right elements, the look will be uniquely yours. Viking Pavers hardscape and landscape design professionals can help you totally renovate your property from your driveway and patios to retaining walls, landscaping and lighting. Call us at 800-941-1014 or send us a a message today to schedule a free consultation