How to Make a Small Outdoor Living Space Seem Larger

Small outdoor living spaces are usually overlooked and underused. Regardless of how small your patio or yard may be, you can make it feel spacious with a little creativity.

Use the tricks below to make your Bay Area small outdoor living space look larger.

Plant Vertically

The gardening space in a small yard is a valuable commodity. An excellent way of maximizing it is by incorporating a vertical garden. It helps you create a green oasis, soften boundaries, and draw the eye upwards rather than horizontally. Use a trellis, tin cans, tiered baskets, or stacked crates to make your vertical garden.

Create Winding Paths

Curved paths form the illusion of a small space being bigger than it actually is. Instead of having a short, straight walkway, allow your path to wind around or cut your yard diagonally. You can make the garden seem even longer by gradually narrowing the walkway as it progresses from the start to the end point. Alternatively, you can lay pavers diagonally on your walkway or patio to elongate space.

Hang a Mirror

Mirrors create the illusion of extra space. Place a tall mirror on your fence to reflect the surrounding greenery and make it look like a door leading to another garden. Use a mirror edge sealer to prevent moisture from damaging your mirror.

Extend Pavers to Edges

A hardscape design that can make your small garden feel spacious is using the same paver material across your outdoor space. For example, light-colored pavers installed across your entry courtyard and edged with cream pavers will make your outdoor space look wider.

Have a Focal Point

Incorporating a focal point into your landscape design will draw the eye and make your small space feel grander. An outdoor kitchen with a well-arranged patio set, grill, fire pit and other special features will form a great focal point. A water feature such as wall fountain or bubbling birdbath will also do the trick. Make sure the feature is not too big as it may overwhelm your space and make it appear smaller.

Position for Space

Cleverly positioning the plants and materials in your small garden can make it feel roomier. Put tall greenery along the edges of your space and keep the rest of the space as open as possible. The fewer the number of materials in your garden, the more uncluttered and spacious it will feel. Remember to trim the plants around the edges regularly so that they don’t overgrow your patio.

Divide Your Space

Dividing your outdoor living area can add an element of space. For example, you can place your outdoor dining and lounging furniture in separate parts. You can use trellises, arbors, and vine-covered fences to define your outdoor rooms.

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