How to Plan Your Landscape Lighting

bay area landscape lighting

If you enjoy your property, your tasteful trees, growing gardens and gorgeous shrubbery by day, why not enjoy the same beauty by night? With proper landscape lighting, you can continue to enjoy your landscape as the sun goes down and into the evening. Not only does landscape lighting add curb appeal to your property at night but it also provides better safety and security. Done right, landscape lighting brings out the best of what you’ve got in both your hardscape and softscape by highlighting your properties architectural features and attracting attention to beautiful plantings and trees. Read on if you would like to know how to plan your lighting to bring out the best of your landscape.

Installing the Perfect Landscape Lighting

1. Define the Purpose of Your Landscape Lighting

Before you invest a single coin into landscape lighting, decide what your project goals are. Do you want your landscape lighting for security reasons? Do you want to create a romantic mood? Do you want to add curb appeal to your property? Your purpose will dictate the kind of landscape lighting to install.

2. Make a Sketch of Your Landscape

After you’ve defined your purpose, sketch your yard. Include all the existing structures such as existing lights, shrubs, trees and buildings. While planning, consider how each of this structures will reflect the light. Or, if you worked with Viking Pavers to install your hardscape, start with our project sketches.

3. Define Exactly Where to Place Your Lighting

Match the purpose of your landscape lighting to specific locations in your back or front yard. You can achieve a soft mood by hiding your lighting under existing shrubs. You may also require a series of short stake lights along the paths. Also, you can enhance your water fountain with a spotlight.

4. Determine the Amount of Effort You Want to Expend

The type of lighting that will require the most effort or expense involves lights that will require connecting to 120 volt outlets. Landscape wiring for this type of project must be buried at least 18 inches beneath the ground and must be done by a licenced electrician. If your project only requires a low voltage of 12 volts, you will require a small outdoor transformer. The best time to install electrical wiring is before any landscaping work is done! Alternatively, you can use lighting with solar panels to light your landscape. There is an increasing variety of choices in solar-powered lighting.

5. Make a Budget

Finally, once you have made your plan, sit down and make a budget that makes the most sense for you and your family.

Let Viking Pavers Landscape Your Property

You don’t have to go through the hassle of designing, planning and implementing your landscape project all by yourself. Let Viking Pavers, the leading Bay Area paver installation company, do the job for you. All you have to do is explain to us what you want, and we will bring your dream to reality. You can also contact Viking Pavers for patios, outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, and paver walkways and driveways installation projects.