How to Plan the Perfect Landscape Design for Your Home

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Landscape design is very important for homeowners who wish to improve their property’s aesthetic appeal. It is an ideal way of crafting an attractive space which gives you a lovely environment, and design a practical layout that enables you to use your landscape how you want. However, if you have never undertaken any landscaping design before or you need to improve your current one, you may be overwhelmed by the available options at your disposal.

Here is a Simple Guide on How to Plan the Perfect Landscape Design for Your Home.

Create the outline
The first step of planning a landscape design is coming up with an extensive overview of the project area. This is the area to which you are intending to add your design elements. Measure the dimensions and put them down on graph paper or an online design tool such as Google sketch up. This task may be quite challenging to most people because of the open nature of an exterior design. When creating the outline, start by sketching the boundaries of your landscape. The boundaries might be the end of your yard, the edge of your garden or any other place you choose.

Add existing features
Existing features are those that are fixed and cannot be changed. Such features include building, rocks, poles, and waterways. Make sure you have the right colors on your sketch for these features so that you can easily identify them while implementing your plan. Also, you can note the North Pole in your plan so that you can understand how the shadow is going to affect your design.

Add new elements of landscape design
This is the step where you add everything that you would like to have in your landscape. Such elements include flowers, trees, and shrubs. You can also draw in walkways and driveways in your plan. In addition, you can add elements such as lawn furniture, pools and fountains that you may wish to install.

Be Prepared With Access to Equipment
Your landscape project will definitely need some equipment to be carried out. This means that you should have access to all the necessary equipment starting with hedge trimmers, lawn mowers and other simple gardening tools, up to backhoes and other excavating machines. If you don’t have what you need for your project, you will have to buy or rent them.

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Doing landscaping project yourself might be a good idea, but inviting in an experienced landscaper is the best idea. This is because they have the right technical know-how on landscaping and will be able to assess the state of your garden for best results. If you are in the Bay Area and looking for a professional landscaper, Viking pavers is here for you. We are a professional landscaping company that specializes in installing retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, patios, fire pits, walkways, and driveways. For more information, call us today at (800) 941-1014 or visit our online website here.