How to Maintain and Care for your Turf

How to maintain artificial grass

What people do not realize is that in today’s market, there are a lot of materials used in creating and installing artificial turf. This means that when it comes to cleaning, you may end up using the wrong approaches; that also means the grass could become damaged or at least have its lifespan cut if proper care and the use of manufacturer-approved methods is not adhered to. Artificial grass raises the value of your home and does not come cheap either. It is therefore an absolute must that the homeowner does their part to keep things looking good at all times.


Caring for Artificial Turf

Here is a guide on how to maintain artificial turf:

Use weedicides when you can

Sometimes, weeds tend to poke their talons around your turf. Since we are talking plants with roots and a level of anchor on the ground, chances are that they might dig into the fabric of your lawn, which could cause tears and irreversible damage. Whenever you notice any signs of growing weed, simply spray the area involved with your favorite weedicides.

Find the right gear

With artificial grass, you won’t need to hurl a lawnmower around. However, you will need to keep a hose, rakes and leaf blowers. The good news is that even if you do not have these at your disposal at the moment, you can get them at your local hardware at a very fair rate. It helps to have them handy in the future, so stowing them away in a shade helps.

Get rid of stench

No smell is going to ruin your artificial grass. However, for sanitation purposes, you need the place looking and smelling clean. If your pet has accidents on the lawn, simply get your hose and spray the area with a mixture of water and any deodorizer. Enzyme cleaners also work pretty well.

Brush up

Just like natural grass, synthetic grass blades must always stand upright. You can keep them this way by brushing from time to time. There is no fixed timetable for this sort of activity, so just get your brush out when blades start bending. Some types will last for as long as three months without the need or a retouch while others have a way shorter life.

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