Hardscaping vs Landscaping – What’s the Difference?

Bay Area paver experts

Bay Area Paver Experts – Hardscaping vs. Landscaping

If you’re researching different home-improvement projects, you’ve probably come across two somewhat similar terms: “hardscape” and “landscape.” It’s natural to wonder what these are and how they differ.

As Bay Area deck and patio installers, Viking Pavers decks and patio installers in the Bay Area can shed some light on the difference. While they’re not the same thing, hardscaping and landscaping work together to build a cohesive appearance for property.

Hardscape, Defined

The word “hardscape” refers to outdoor manufactured elements. Examples include patios, driveways, and walkways. Decks and ancillary elements, such as patio covers, help make up a property’s hardscape too. Hardscape has obvious benefits, with one example being how patios give people a place to sit and relax. But they also have some more subtle benefits, like how properly angled concrete can control water during heavy rain.

Hardscaping projects often require professional help. For instance, Bay Area paver experts can aid homeowners in selecting pavers that best match their property and the local climate, then handle the installation.

Landscape, Defined

A property’s landscape is essentially all of its living elements. Those include trees, flowers, shrubbery, and grassy lawns. When selected properly, these elements lend property a relaxing, natural look. Some homeowners can tackle certain landscaping projects on their own, but more intricate projects call for professional assistance, just like hardscaping.

Getting Hardscape and Landscape to Work Together

For a property to be at its best, its hardscape and landscape need to work together. This matters for both aesthetics and functionality. In the realm of aesthetics, a property that has an overabundance of hardscape relative to landscape may look cold. Conversely, a home with an overabundance of trees, vines, and other landscape elements may look visually overwhelming.

As for functional synergy, here’s one example: A tree might provide shade over a patio. In that case, the presence of a landscaping element (the tree) makes the hardscaping element (the patio) easier to enjoy during sunny weather. Another example is how a retaining wall, a classic hardscape element, can hold soil in place, giving landscape elements such as small trees a stable place to grow.

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