Hardscape Designers Share 3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Yard

Create a Backyard Oasis with Thoughtful Bay Area Landscape Design


You don’t have to drive across town to enjoy a private getaway. With the help of the right hardscape designers, you can create the ideal backyard that will have you rushing home after a long day of work! Whether or not you have a huge spacious backyard that marries into open space, or a small plot of land limited by clearly defined boundaries, you can maximize your backyard by creating a great design that will last for decades.Choose a Theme
Having a theme is the first step in designing your ideal backyard landscape. Do you want a farm design, colonial style, courtyard or contemporary set-up? Whatever your desire, this will help you set the foundation as you pick the items you want featured in your backyard.

Create a Design
Creating a design beforehand is very important, even if you don’t plan to complete the entire backyard at once. Failing to do so can cause unforeseen issues in the future like having a pond, path or tree that is in the way of something you want to add in a particular space or planting problems like overcrowding or accidentally planting something that grows tall that will visually block or shade other plants.

Plan an Eco-friendly Design
With the epic drought plaguing the Bay Area and California as a whole, planning an eco-friendly design could never be more relevant. To conserve water and eliminate the use of chemicals, consider using gravel and stone in in some areas where you might otherwise consider thirsty grass. Laying a bed of crushed granite, river rocks or pea gravel is easy to install and maintain. Stone steps installers can help you determine the best place to create these gravel and stone designs. an added benefit of gravel is that you can place a weed barrier of plastic underneath the rock to eliminate the need to pull weeds in these areas, unlike lawn which requires constant maintenance.

Don’t Skimp on the Pathways
Even if you have a small yard and want to get the most out of your space, don’t trim down the length of your stairs or pathways. Walkways that are too small will look out of place and are not useful or attractive when compared to properly sized and graded pathways. Pathways should be at least 4 feet wide, because they are likely to get smaller as surrounding shrubbery and plants grow around them. Professional paving contractors know how leave enough space in the design plan to allow for the growth of adjacent foliage. Failing to leave room to grow for plants, particularly around paths and patios can seriously impact your ability to use the space and may cause you to spend more time maintaining foliage to keep it out of the way.

Contact Bay Area Hardscape Designers With Know How

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