Hardscaping & Smart Landscape Design for Small Yards

You don’t need plants to freshen and brighten a space. Strategic hardscaping – using non-organic structures architecturally – will add the illusion of space to your small yard. Here are four hardscaping tips to help make your small space feel larger.

1. Don’t be hung up on the idea that landscaping must be plant-based.

A reputable hardscape company can inject vitality and add eye-pleasing features to even the smallest yard without making the space seem too cluttered. In addition, adding hardscaping to your yard provides you with more usable space for relaxing and entertaining. You should consider your yard as a whole and plan around any features that you want to keep to avoid awkward contrasts with colors of hardscaping and landscaping materials as well as take note of profiles to use variations in height and angles to your advantage.

2. Use the same paving materials throughout your yard.

If you have a smaller yard, ask your landscape contractors to use the same type of paving material for all of the structures in your yard to avoid a patchwork appearance. Just as having different wood floors in rooms of your home can create an unfinished and unattractive look, your exterior should keep some uniformity and not employ multiple colors of pavers or bricks which may clash or present an unpolished final appearance.

3. Choose an open style of fencing.

Closed fencing can make your yard feel smaller and more confined. If you want to fence your yard, opt for open fencing that allows your view to continue beyond the confines of your own yard to make the yard feel more spacious.

4. Elevate your patio.

If you want to build a patio in your backyard, add dimension to the space by asking your hardscape designers to raise the patio three to four feet above ground level. Using the 3rd dimension to your advantage can create a space that seems to have multiple rooms or areas, independent of one another, even in a relatively small area.

Get Help from Bay Area Landscaping Contractors with Hardscape Design Expertise

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