Hardscape Design Tips for a Perfect Patio Installation

Landscape Design Bay Area Patio Install Tips

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Not only do patios add beauty and charm to a home, they can be a great place to rest and regroup. Many homeowners prefer to extend their living space to the outside premises in the Bay Area, especially during the warm and beautiful months of Spring, Summer, and even Fall. When planning a patio design, homeowners should focus on creating an environment that is relaxing, peaceful and welcoming. Working with professional decks and patio installers can help you determine the best options for your individual patio. But understanding a few simple tips will also make outdoor patio installation a successful and rewarding decision.

Creating Outdoor Rooms

When laying patio pavers, the most common mistake is to place one large slab of flooring at the rear of the house. While this is a commonly used layout, it is not the most practical. Form follows function, meaning that the best designed patios take into consideration practical variables such as exposure to the sun, proximity to the house, vistas, and more.

A more practical layout is one that allows for “outdoor rooms.” Generally speaking, the natural tendency of people at events and parties is to separate into smaller groups and spread out within a space. A well designed patio that is planned with common social tendencies in mind will contain several different areas within the backyard where people can spread out, migrate from place to place, and carry on conversations in smaller groups.

Add Color and Texture

Adding the right type of flooring can help create the perfect environment for your outdoor space. While preferences of flooring options vary among homeowners, adding color and texture can create an outdoor haven when done correctly. Learn to see your outdoor spaces as an extension of your interior, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures. Well-trained outdoor patios installers are skilled at determining which tone and texture combinations work the best for outside spaces.

Leaving Space

When determining the size of your patio space, remember to take into consideration the size of furniture and decor to be used within the space. Allow room for people to walk in between, at the side and around these items. A well designed patio will leave space and room for these different things.

Bay Area Landscape Design Contractors Can Help

Planning the perfect patio for your outdoor yard can be a very rewarding process if you follow these tips and let professional landscape contractors utilize experience and knowledge to aid in the perfect hardscape design to accompany your home and landscape. To learn more about outdoor patio planning, or if you are interested in getting started with your own patio, call Viking Pavers at (800) 941-1014 or Contact Us Here.