Why Choose a Lawn for Your Landscaping When There’s So Many Great Alternatives?

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Decks and Patios to Snthetic Grass and Landscaping, Look Beyond Lawns

Even though grass lawns seem to be the norm for suburban homes, they aren’t for everyone. Some people either will not or cannot take the time to water and mow a lawn, while others have the kind of landscaping that makes it difficult to grow grass. Others still are looking to do something unique with their yards that make them stand out from their neighbors. Fortunately, there are more alternatives to the traditional grass lawn than you might realize. No matter what you want to do with your home’s yard, you can find a hardscape company in the Bay Area that can accommodate you. Let’s take a look at some of the more common lawn alternatives that might work for your home.


Groundcovers are plants that sprawl over a wide area without growing tall, which eliminates the need to keep them mowed. They often don’t require as much water as grass, and they smother weeds as they spread. In other words, they eliminate most of the maintenance that a green lawn would require.

Your home’s climate will determine which groundcovers will be best for your yard. The Bay Area tends to have a dry climate, so stonecrop and lantana succulents perform well in the region. These plants do need to be watered with a sprinkler or hose while they’re still young, but they won’t need nearly as much once they’re established. They also don’t need any water in the fall and winter months. Perennials such as lily-of-the-valley and sweet woodruff do well in shadier yards and gardens. They also don’t require a lot of moisture, so simply having them in your yard may reduce your home’s water usage.

Synthetic Grass

If you love the look of a green lawn yet don’t want to worry about the upkeep, you can always opt for synthetic grass. Synthetic grass lawns in the Bay Area are great for families with small children, and they can be used in any weather. A synthetic lawn does require a level surface, and you will need to lay down a special foundation if you’re covering a large area, but it will require next to no upkeep once it is installed.

Paver Hardscapes

A patio made from stone pavers can make for the perfect outdoor sitting area, especially if it is surrounded by a garden or groundcover plants. Paver hardscapes also make for great walkways and can prevent erosion of you have loose soil in your yard. You can choose pavers of different shapes and colors to create the look that you want, but you should still keep the overall aesthetic of your property in mind. A hardscape company in the Bay Area should be able to help you find something appropriate for your home’s landscape.

A Deck

Finally, you can always have a wooden deck installed in your backyard if you have a sloping yard that may not accommodate other hardscapes. Decks do take some time and effort to build and maintain, but they are versatile enough to work with practically any landscape. Check out some of the many deck designs in the Bay Area for some inspiration for your own outdoor seating area.

Viking Pavers, Your Bay Area Hardscape Company

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