Don’t Lose Your Cool – Hardscape Company Shares Ways to Add Shade to the Back Yard

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Design Shaded Areas in Your Back Yard with a Hardscape Company in the Bay Area

Shade can make a world of difference in enjoying the outdoors when it’s warm. Hardscaping elements can provide shade without having to wait years for a tree to grow. Talk to paving contractors in the Bay Area about these options to increase the shade in your yard.

Pergolas or Gazebos

If you don’t have a patio or want additional sitting space, you can build a free-standing structure to give you more room. A pergola usually has a slatted roof, allowing the sunlight to shine through, so a gazebo may provide more shade. Talk to paver experts in the Bay Area about designing a pathway to the gazebo for easy accessibility.

Awning or Deck Shade

Awnings come in many different styles, to match your patio and home. You can even find awnings that are retractable, allowing you to control the shade. Choose waterproof and UV-repellent material to be protected from rain and the sun’s rays.

A Natural Awning

If you want a natural shade look, build a trellis over the area that can be covered with vines. It may still take a season to build up the vegetation, but it will be quicker than waiting for trees to grow. You can experience some natural light through this type of awning, but it will add some comfort.

A Patio Umbrella

Umbrellas are a great way to create shade on a patio without spending a lot of money. You can find umbrellas that fit over patio tables or that are free-standing and can be placed anywhere for added shade. Get a cantilevered umbrella for increased functionality, because you can place it around your yard to get shade where you need it.


We use curtains inside to block the sun and reduce glare. There’s no reason you can’t use curtains on your patio in the same way. Make sure to get a fabric that will stand up to the elements but won’t completely block the light. Look for curtains that block UV rays, too.

Viking Pavers Hardscape Company in the Bay Area is Here to Help!

If you have questions about shade options in your backyard, talk to a hardscape company in the Bay Area about specific options that fit your budget and style.