Why Landscaping Companies Are Installing So Many Patio Pavers in the Bay Area

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Hardscape Company in the Bay Area Looks at Patio Pavers

Patio pavers are popular hardscape elements that add style and function to your landscape. Landscaping companies in the Bay Area install pavers at many local homes because these stones are durable and long-lasting, low-maintenance, and come in a variety of patterns, textures, and colors. Although pavers do cost more than poured concrete, there are many benefits to pavers over concrete.

Pavers Create a Unique Environment

Pavers come in many colors, sizes, styles, and patterns. When you mix and match pavers, you can create distinctive driveways, walkways, and patios. Match your pavers to your home’s style and personality to create a complementary look.

Pavers Handle Many Conditions

Pavers are individual stones that don’t move after professional installation. During the winter, when the ground freezes and contracts, pavers can handle the elements. Patio pavers are also easily replaceable, which allows you to manage stains and imperfections easier than concrete slabs.

Pavers Are Easily Installed

Pavers can be installed and used on the same day. Concrete slabs can take time to cure. Even though they are less expensive than patio pavers, poured concrete must be professionally installed. And it is highly vulnerable to earthquakes and colder temperatures.

Pavers Drain Well

Patio pavers in the Bay Area handle water drainage more effectively, whether the water is from rain or your landscape design. Pavers form a solid pathway, but there are small spaces between the stones where water can easily run off.

Are Pavers For Everyone?

Pavers do cost a little more for installation over a poured concrete slab, but the maintenance is easier. Some people have concerns about weeds getting out of control, but your landscapers should be able to easily stay on top of the problem. A hardscape company in the Bay Area can assess your property to help you make the best decision for hardscaping elements in your backyard. Patio pavers can fit your needs for function and style. We can help you create the hardscape elements that work in your home.

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