Landscape Design Projects are Great for Winter and Fall

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There are great reasons why it’s smarter to perform your landscape design projects in the fall or early winter, as opposed to the summer months.

Cooler fall and winter temperatures are often better for planting new landscaping in the Bay Area. Trees, shrubs, and lawn grasses can all be planted easily, often with less stress on the transplanted landscaping plants and better conditions for them to take root and thrive without the need to water so much and protect them from unfavorable summer heat as they get established.

Why Landscaping Companies in the Bay Area Love Fall Projects

Fortunately with paving stones, paving contractors Bay Area do not need to be concerned about temperatures since the materials do not need to dry or set, they simply need to be graded and placed with care. With asphalt or concrete driveways and patios there are additional concerns related to temperature and humidity to ensure materials set properly, but that’s not an issue with patio pavers, which we specialize in.

While you may have been busy with children out of school or planned vacations during the summer months the fall and winter may be a less busy time around the house and that means you have more time to discuss and plan landscape design projects with your contractor.

Fall also has offers advantages from the labor side – some landscaping companies Bay Area homeowners could consider hiring help in the fall may have fewer obligations than they did in summer.

Tackling large back yard projects in fall such as a pool or patio gives you and your landscape company time to get it all done before summer. Use fall, winter, and spring to get everything in place so you can start enjoying it by next summer, as opposed to rushing to start in the spring and the potential frustration of delayed completion in time for you to enjoy your new back yard.

Getting started on Your Landscape Design in the Bay Area

Overall, planning out all the details of your fall or winter projects is essential, especially if you bring in the expertise of professionals to assist with smart advice and strategies as well.

They’ll appreciate that you put thought into what you want done for your landscaping, where you want it to take place and that you’re alert enough to know that fall is a great time to begin.

If you are looking for an outstanding Bay Area landscape design and hardscape company to help you plan and install your new driveway, patios, retaining walls and much more, look no further. Viking Pavers can provide a free consultation and excellent project pricing and warranties to build a long-lasting, beautiful new front or back yard. Call (800) 941-1014 today or contact us to schedule a free at home consultation.