Landscaping Companies in the Bay Area Have Tips for Controlling Erosion

landscaping companies in the bay area

Landscaping Contractors in the Bay Area Often Must Address Erosion Control

Failure to effectively deal with erosion can have catastrophic consequences that include damage to or loss of your home. Plus, erosion causes landslides that impact wildlife and remove their natural habitats. Consider tactics to handle erosion and curb its negative impact on your property- before it becomes a major problem.

Some tips for controlling erosion, according to landscaping companies in Bay Area, include:


There is little that you can do about rain, but you can help to control where it goes. According to landscape contractors in the Bay Area, you can use intentional and well-thought landscaping as a way of curbing erosion. For instance, invest in retaining walls or vegetation that will absorb the runoff, depending on the slope of your property and steepness of the terrain.


Among other tips to control erosion from landscape companies in the Bay Area, paving is another effective approach. Paving prevents erosion caused by traffic and snow removal- a real problem in some regions. Maintain paved drives, paths, and parking to prevent and reduce the effects of erosion.


An inexpensive and eco-friendly way to deal with erosion is to add a couple inches of mulch to the terrain. Use a mixture of bark, needles, and leaves to absorb and redistribute runoff, plus it enriches the soil.


Another way to control erosion is through diversion. Divert water with a small diversion ditch to handle run off and prevent erosion from affecting your property. Make sure that the ditch drains properly in a drainage system, garden, or paved area.

Be prepared with sandbags for a short-term solution to runoff from flooding during rainy season. Remember that this is a temporary solution to prevent flooding and curb erosion, and they will deteriorate if left out for prolonged periods, leaving a mess behind.

Landscaping Companies in the Bay Area – Viking Pavers

Erosion happens, but there are some things that you can do about it. Prevent erosion from causing irreparable damage to your property with solutions from Viking Pavers. They specialize in hardscaping, which may be key in keeping erosion at bay, including landscape design and installation. Call or visit to learn more today.