Environmentally Conscious Landscaping

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Wouldn’t you think that planting grass and trees in your yard would be a simple way to guarantee that you are benefiting the environment? Well, that might be true, but it also depends on the type of grass or trees you’ve planted, the methods you used to control pests and disease, and finally, the plant’s thirst level which determines the frequency of required watering and fertilizing. With all this in mind, here are five simple landscaping ideas that will beautify your home, while simultaneously benefiting the environment.

Five Environmentally Friendly Landscaping Ideas

  1. Select Native Plants Rather Than Exotic ones

Native plants are easier to maintain since they are already adapted to the soil and weather conditions of your local region, thus requiring minimum maintenance. They are also best to create an environmentally friendly landscape due to their resistance against local diseases. As a result, less pesticide will be required to maintain your garden. To consider your own space, contact your local Bay Area landscape professional. A professional eye will be able to determine the appropriate planting options for you and your yard.

  1. Choose Water-Wise Plants

Using water-wise plants in your yard is a great way to control the amount of water you will use in your landscape garden. Plants that are known to thrive in desert areas are preferred, as they do not require as much water as other plants. Your landscaper will help you choose attractive the water-wise plants to work best in your personal yard.

  1. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Another way to be environmentally conscious while also beautifying your residential home is to eliminate as much waste from maintenance as possible. By going organic, you will reduce toxic chemicals use. This is where fertilizer and healthy plants can be effective additions. After planting with these, store the pots for future use. If you feel that you don’t have ample space, consider giving them out instead of throwing them away.

  1. Lighting

Landscape lighting beautifully illuminates your yard, and provides a measure of security. To save on energy, implement solar-powered and motion detecting landscape lighting. Motion detecting lighting has the two-fold advantage of being crime deterrent and neighbor friendly. Since the lights will only turn on when they detect motion, brightness won’t be shining on your neighbor’s house all night. Additionally, motion detectors act as a spotlight, efficiently turning on only when an animal or person approaches your home.

  1. Consider Artificial Grass

Another new trend of homeowners’ embracing of green living is the prevalence of artificial grass. Artificial grass saves you the time of not having to mow. Additionally, this type of grass will meet the eye test without polluting your yard in any way.

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