Landscape Design in the Bay Area Includes Edible Gardens

landscape design in the bay area edible plants

Are You Ready for an Edible Landscape Design in the Bay Area?

During World War I and II, home vegetable gardens became all the rage. People were growing their own produce to free up food needed for the war effort. They called them victory gardens, and they helped stabilize the country’s food supply during a times of rationing. Every spare patch of land was used to grow edibles. Over 100 years later, the home garden is coming back into vogue. Although it isn’t a war that spurred homeowners to invest in edible gardens, the pandemic made us consider how we sustained ourselves when food supplies decreased. Landscaping companies in the Bay Area can help you design a beautiful edible garden in your own back yard.

Diversify Your Garden

Here in the Bay Area, we often have a longer growing season, so you can harvest almost year-round when you plan out your plants. Salad greens and herbs are easy to grow, and with some timing and a green thumb, you can have fresh greens any time. You may want to include citrus trees and other fruit bushes in your edible garden.

Define Your Gardens With Pavers

Good landscape design in the Bay Area makes every part of your garden accessible. If you have an especially large space in your back yard, you may want to consider installing a path around the areas to allow you to garden without damaging other plants. There’s no law that says gardens must be planted in straight rows, so use the spaces you’ve already created in your gardens. Just look at what type of sun and soil you have. Make sure there’s water access.

Put Out Container Gardens

You don’t have to tear up all your plants to include edibles in your back yard. Start by using containers to grow your plants. A wooden box can hold herbs. Old troughs are a great place for your lettuce and greens. Bowls or pots that have drainage can be used to grow cherry tomatoes. Use the empty space on your patio to put in containers that provide sustenance.

Include Areas for Pollinators

While you’re thinking about harvesting your bounty, don’t forget to include flowers and plants that attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. These pollinators are essential to your efforts and provide hours of quiet entertainment. Bees are attracted to blue, purple and yellow flowers. Hummingbirds love the color red. Butterflies love black-eyed Susans, heliotrope and phlox. You may want to consider flowers that are edible for you to enjoy, too.

Create Hardscaping Areas to Enjoy Your Garden

If you have areas in your yard where it’s too shady or the terrain is too rough for planting, consider making an area that adds functionality to your yard. An outdoor kitchen or living room can be a wonderful space that gives you more room for entertaining and relaxing. Include a fire pit or fireplace for year-round enjoyment well into the evening hours.

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