Tidy up Your Bay Area Landscape Design with Defined Edges and Borders 

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Landscaping Companies Tips for Clean Lines in the Garden

There are plenty of landscapers in the Bay Area who can help you achieve just the right look for your property, but if you insist on trying your own hand at landscaping and gardening, you can temporarily set aside the names of all the landscaping companies in the Bay Area, and pitch right in yourself. If you prefer not to hire a paving contractor in the Bay Area, or a competent landscaper, here are some simple steps you can follow yourself, so that you can have a really eye-catching landscape design.

Create an edge around your property 

If you have a huge area of property that needs to be trimmed, you’ll probably want to use an edging tool, which will cut a very nice, neat edge around your grassy area. These tools have wheels so you can just roll along, and trim the edge of your property effortlessly, and since you have a clear line of sight to the trimming line, you’ll have perfect control over your cutting.

If you only have a fairly small area that needs to be edged, you can simply use a good spade to cut an edge around your property. Be advised that this is a bit more work than using the powered Edger described above, so be prepared to commit a couple hours to the task. It’s also a lot harder to cut a straight line which looks appealing and clean.

Remove turf from around the edge 

After you have set your initial edge, you’ll need to take the cut a little deeper, perhaps to six inches or so in the soil. For a new area, you’ll be obliged to also cut the turf off on the inside edge of your grass. Once the turf has been loosened up, it will be fairly easy to just remove it altogether, and either discard it or use it elsewhere in your yard. You should be trying to establish an edge which has a 90-degree angle.

Sharpen up your edge 

To really sharpen up your edge, so there’s no overhanging grass, you can take some hand shears and cut vertically all along the edge line. This will remove all the dangling blades of grass, and you’ll only have to do this maybe three more times during the season, in order to maintain that fine looking edge. It’s only a little bit of extra work, and it will keep giving your landscape a well-groomed look.

Mulch the soil up to the edge 

The last thing you need to do for your professional-looking edge job is to apply about three inches of mulch over the top of the bed. This will help keep the weeds away, and it will also add a nice, rich color to your edge that will make it stand. It’s a good idea to apply your mulch right up to the turf’s edge, so that you’ll have an appealing little slope from the top of your bed, right down to the bottom of the edge.

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