Is the Drought Over? Landscape Companies in the Bay Area Weigh In

Landscape Companies in the Bay Area

Landscape Companies in the Bay Area Relieved After Storms

After three years of practically no rain, the Bay Area gets pummeled by precipitation. Although the recent storms certainly helped replenish the state’s water supply, it’s difficult to know whether the drought is over or not. Most landscapers in the Bay Area are still operating under the notion that homeowners should be aware of their water usage in their yard and garden.

Current Drought Conditions

The latest bout of heavy rain and snow have helped reduce the extreme drought conditions that the state is under. According to the SFGate, state officials say the drought isn’t over. The three-year water deficit hasn’t been completely offset. The state is still dependent on rain through 2023 to offset the loss of water through the year. There’s no way to know what the summer will bring, so homeowners shouldn’t drop their low-water landscaping plans.

When Will the Drought Be Over?

Cal Matters estimates that about 46% of California is still dealing with severe drought conditions. It’s down from 71% before the strong January rains. Unfortunately, some of that rain will be lost to reservoirs because storing water this early in the season could lead to flooding later. Some of the rain came down too fast to capture for water supplies as well. Although snow in the mountains is also being replenished, there is still concern that the state needs more water to get through the dry season without depleting water reservoirs again. There’s no way to really know when the drought will end, but we do have to be conscious of water usage until the impact of the last three years is considered.

Keep Up With Conservation Efforts

More water is required to keep the water level up to average conditions. Californians need to be cognizant of using water until the water sources are significantly replenished. After the last three years of extreme drought conditions, it could take more than one wet year to bring levels back to what is needed. Synthetic grass lawns in the Bay Area could help your lawn weather any conditions that Mother Nature sends.

The Best Landscape Companies in the Bay Area

Landscape companies in the Bay Area can help you with your conservation efforts to maintain a beautiful outdoor space by adding hardscaping to your yard or choosing drought-tolerant plants. Contact Viking Pavers for your next landscaping project.