Bay Area Paving Contractors Share When It’s Time to Repave Your Driveway

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Repaving a driveway can bring a fresh look and an improved driving surface, but many people wonder: When is the right time to do it, and what are the best materials? This article looks at different angles of those questions, including timing considerations, whether repairs or replacement is called for, and the material choices available for driveway projects.

Driveway Paving Contractors Tips for a Smooth Project in the Bay Area

Timing Considerations

The lifespan of a driveway varies and is determined by multiple factors. Proper maintenance, especially from Bay Area paving contractors, can extend a driveway’s lifespan, as can a friendly climate. However, as home improvement writer Meghan Paynter writes, the length of a driveway’s usable life is largely controlled by the driveway’s material.

Concrete and asphalt are the two main materials. Concrete driveways last up to 30 years (with harsh climates reducing that to approximately 20 years in some areas). The life of asphalt driveways varies from 15 to 20 years.

Repair or Replace?

Another factor is whether a driveway needs to be replaced or merely repaired. Per Paynter, signs that a driveway is calling out for repairs include cracking and sagging, fading, the presence of a pothole, and edges that are crumbling. In cases where the damage is somewhat severe but doesn’t quite call for a full replacement, then resurfacing may be an option, particularly if the foundation is still in good shape.

Meanwhile, more extreme signs of damage—such as spiderweb pattern of cracks, drainage problems, and large numbers of potholes—point toward a driveway replacement being necessary. Another situation that may call for a replacement is the presence of multiple, separate issues: Replacing the driveway may be a better solution than tackling each problem spot with repairs. If you’re not sure which route to take, Bay Area paver experts can provide advice.

Replacements: Choosing the Material

Once you decide to replace your driveway, another choice remains to be made: which material to replace it with. Asphalt, as mentioned earlier, wears out more quickly than concrete, though it tends to be cheaper.

Property owners who go for the more durable option of concrete have two primary styles to choose from: concrete slabs or pavers. Concrete slabs are less expensive than pavers, and this style of driveway is relatively easy to maintain. Installation is also simple. However, like any material, they are not impervious to damage. Repairing them can be somewhat costly and complicated, according to

As for concrete pavers, any Bay Area paving contractor will praise this choice for its design flexibility and visual appeal. Pavers are relatively easy to repair because they do not crack, and they offer a higher resale value than concrete slab driveways. The tradeoff is a higher price point, but many homeowners find that trade worth it.

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