Why Driveway and Patio Cracks form and How to Fix or Prevent Them

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Bay Area Driveway Paving Company Discusses Crack Repair & Prevention

Your driveway is one of the first things that visitors notice when they come to your home. It takes a lot of wear and tear. When it gets cracked, you’ll want to make repairs. Should you call your paving contractor in the Bay Area? That depends on the type of crack, the extent of the damage and how much work you want to put into your driveway.

What Do the Cracks Look Like?

Small, narrow cracks that look like a spider-web are generally  cosmetic issues which can usually be repaired with a DIY resurfacing product. It usually means that the concrete dried too quickly. Make sure that there aren’t any structural problems, like sinking or crumbling, which indicates that you should contact professional paving contractors.

Most DIYers can apply a concrete resurfacing product on their own. The concrete will need to be cleaned with a high-power pressure washer before applying the resurfacer. Pay attention to the instructions.

Cracks up to One-Quarter Inch

As your driveway cures, it can shrink causing small ¼-inch cracks. These cracks probably won’t get any worse on their own, but if water gets into the cracks and freezes, it will expand making the cracks get wider. A sealant prevents more problems from occurring down the road. A professional hardscape company can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Cracks Along the Edge of the Driveway

The edge of the driveway usually the weakest spot, but it tends to take a lot of stress from heavy vehicles. If the edges are crumbling, your paving contractor may be able to repair it without having to replace the entire driveway.

Wide, Uneven Cracks

Cracks along control joints are normal and will need to be repaired if they get too big. What you need to pay attention for are wide, jagged cracks that are not along the joints. Usually this means that there is a structural problem beneath the surface. You may be able to minimize driving paving costs in the Bay Area by only replacing the section with cracks. If you have an older driveway, it could be most cost-effective to replace the entire driveway as it’s just a matter of time before the rest of the driveway experiences issues.

Contact Paving Pros to Understand Driveway Paving Costs in the Bay Area

Calling in the pros, even if it’s just for a consultation, will help you maintain your driveway and home’s curb appeal. Viking Pavers installs driveway pavers, which won’t crack and are easy to repair should damage occur. If you’re considering repaving your driveway you should strongly consider a durable concrete paver option.  Contact Viking Pavers today online or by calling (800) 941-1014 for a free consultation.