A Fantastic Driveway is a Big Part of your Landscape Design

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Driveway Installation in the Bay Area is Almost as Important for Curb Appeal as Landscape Design

The driveway to your home isn’t just functional. It can be an integral part of your landscape design in the Bay Area. If you’re looking for ways to give your hardscaping more curb appeal, think beyond ordinary paving stones laid down in the driveway to these ideas that include your landscaping design and patterned stonework that will make your front yard pop.

Create a Patio Retreat in Your Front Yard

A front yard patio can be an inviting spot to chat with neighbors or family members who are simply stopping by. You can watch your children and enjoy your gardens any time of day. Use paving stone patios in the Bay Area to create a patterned walkway that complements your driveway.

Add Year-Round Color to Your Landscape Design

Stonework is often done in neutral colors, which appear clean and symmetrical. Let your landscape provide pops of color. Green fescues are drought-tolerant, low- maintenance and offset the structure of your driveway with a wild, natural look. Succulents and agave plants come in a variety of colors that bloom at different times in the year. You’ll get many shades of green and textures that transform your landscape.

Create Interesting Paver Walkways and Paths

Who says the walkway from the driveway must be direct? Paving companies in the Bay area can help set up a pathway from the driveway that takes a tour of your front yard to showcase your gardens and landscaping. Use the natural flow of your landscape to make a comfortable stroll through your flowerbeds and scenery.

Add Outdoor Lighting to Your Paver Driveway

Implement well-designed lighting to your driveway that provides ambiance and functionality. Highlight the stonework in your driveway and front walkway with gentle lights that provide safety after dusk. Place spotlights on accents and features to keep your home from becoming invisible at night. Your driveway paving company can help you find a balance between lighting up your home and overwhelming the neighbors.

Create a Charming Paver Driveway with Our Help

Your guests aren’t the only ones who will appreciate driveway pavers that match your home’s style. You will enjoy pulling up every night to a beautiful exterior designed to increase the curb appeal of your house. Even a small area can be improved with small garden spaces on each side of the drive. Using light colored tiles in a space that gets low light can make the space appear bigger. Hire professional paving contractors in the Bay Area to get the best results for your driveway replacement project. Viking Pavers has been providing Bay Area landscape design and driveway paving services to the East Bay Area for 15 years. Call 800-941-1014 today to schedule a free consultation or contact us on our website.