Fresh Driveway Paving Adds Tremendous Curb Appeal

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Expert Bay Area Driveway Paving Contractors Add Huge Appeal By Replacing Old, Cracked Driveways

“Hey, looking good,” is an expression that you appreciate after your latest haircut or styling. But it is also something you enjoy hearing about your home. From the outside, a desirable home and property appearance is called “good (or great) curb appeal,” and, of course, that is a subjective assessment. When it is time to upgrade the look of a home, it’s time to call a professional Bay Area driveway paving company.

Why is Great Curb Appeal Important?

Having great curb appeal or improving it adds value to a property, helps it sell faster, and helps achieve a higher price. When it is time to sell a home, great curb appeal is an important marketing tool, whether online or in person, and it also helps communicate what’s inside. It is also a matter of personal satisfaction and pride. A home’s driveway is one of the first and perhaps most obvious aspects of curb appeal. Improved driveway curb appeal can be accomplished most successfully by expert Bay Area paving contractors.

Important Aspects of Driveway Improvements

Driveway improvements can add tremendous beauty to a property. There is also a matter of cost. If a potential buyer sees a cracked and unattractive driveway, he/she will think negatively about costly repairs or upgrades. That applies to matters of safety as well. Cracked or broken driveways can cause a serious safety hazard that will repel potential buyers or neighbors and provoke city regulators. People are most attracted to homes that look fresh, modern, and new (versus dated.) Driveways can add personality to a home. An experienced Bay Area driveway paving company can effectively address all these needs.

Ways to Freshen and Improve Driveways

It is true that fresh driveway paving adds tremendous curb appeal. Pavers are popularly used to improve driveways. Pavers come in a variety of materials including natural stone brick (clay,) concrete, and even porcelain.  There are many attractive variations of natural stone that can produce dramatic improvements in the appearance of a driveway. These include cobblestone, made from granite, limestone, or basalt, bluestone, made from limestone or sandstone, travertine, limestone, granite, and concrete.

In addition to the stone itself, experienced Bay Area hardscape designers can help you choose the color or colors that will create a stunning effect, one that will harmonize with the look of your home and landscaping.

Also, consider paver designs. Pavers come in a variety of shapes and textures creating great versatility for an impressive look. Additionally, attractive patterns can be used including herringbone, running bond, basketweave, a random look, or pattern embellishments (designs within the overall pattern.) Plus, border options can “top off” the great new driveway look.

Seek Experienced Bay Area Paving Contractors

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