Hardscaping, Decks and Patios Add Value and Enjoyment to Your Home

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Hardscaping is a surefire way to boost your enjoyment of your home and its resale value down the road. Keep reading to find out what hardscaping is and two particularly useful versions of hardscaping that Bay Area landscape contractors can install.

Hardscaping Basics from Decks and Patio Installers in the Bay Area

As defined on home-improvement website The Spruce, hardscaping “consists of the non-living elements of landscaping.” Hardscaping is the counterpart to softscapes, which are living landscaping elements such as plants. Examples of hardscaping include stone and concrete walkways, steps, fences, and—perhaps most notably—decks and patios.


Decks are a particularly noteworthy example of hardscaping because they can increase both your home’s usable space and its resale value down the line. Decks have an incredibly wide range of uses. They can be used for entertaining, serving or preparing meals, maintaining gardens, or simply for relaxation. Additionally, the right Bay Area deck designs can be a way to make use of otherwise difficult terrain: A deck can turn a sloping hill from a nuisance into a platform for additional living space.

The amount by which a deck boosts your home’s value will depend on the size and material of the deck, among other factors. However, as real estate writer John Riha puts it, “The cost to build a deck is easily outweighed by the value it adds to your home.”


Patios provide many of the same benefits as decks. Bay Area deck and patio installers often work on patio projects that have goals similar to those of deck projects: boosting the enjoyability of the home now and its resale value in the future. Like a deck, a patio can make an outdoor space much more attractive and useful. For instance, an otherwise bland back yard can see a huge improvement in appearance from just a simple stone patio.

Additionally, a patio can greatly extend the living space of your home. For instance, a patio that attaches to your home’s kitchen can greatly increase the cooking and dining space available to you. Connecting a patio to your den can make your home’s relaxation space seem much larger.

Patios come in a wide variety of configurations. For example, one might run the length of your home, or you might instead opt for several smaller patios. You can even add a multilevel patio to make use of an otherwise useless slope. The possibilities are endless.

As is the case with other home-improvement projects, the value increase your home will see will vary depending on the details of the patio. However, BobVila.com points out that patio projects have a fairly high return on investment.

Decks and Patio Installers in the Bay Area

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