Get the Best Paving Contractors for Your Patio Paver Project or You Might See Have These Issues

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The Best Paving Contractors in the Bay Area Will Help You Avoid Headaches

So, you’ve dreamed of enhancing the beauty and usefulness of your residential landscape. Pavers can be an excellent solution. But they need to be installed correctly so the project will look great and last for many years without issues. Get the project done right by choosing the best paving contractor Bay Area; professionals that you can trust.

How Can Pavers be Used?

The uses of pavers include driveways, patios, walkways, pool decks, fire pits, and planters—all to delight the eye and add pleasure to outdoor uses. Professional stone walkways installers Bay Area and expert outdoor patios installers Bay Area can do the work exceptionally well.

Potential Paver Project Issues with Patios and All Other Paver Projects

When you have envisioned a paver project, call a professional paving contractor Bay Area to avoid these potential issues:

  1. Pavers are uneven and at different heights. First, this problem can occur when the base under the pavers is not deep enough or has been installed with an uneven thickness. Second, if the base soil has a significant clay composition, the clay will expand during freezing weather and push the pavers up; they may not resume their level position after the soil has thawed if the sand under the pavers has moved under the pavers. And third, if stone dust was used for the setting base instead of processed gravel it will act like clay, thus facilitating paver movement.
  2. Pavers along a fixed edge are falling out of position. It is important to use a filter fabric under the base and up the sides of the project excavation to prevent this issue.
  3. An area of the pavers is settling. This can happen when there is a lack of sufficient compaction, if an area under the pavers has been dug up and not filled-in correctly, or if there is poorly planned drainage.
  4. The border pavers are starting to fall off. This happens when there is no edge restraint installed to hold the pavers together.
  5. Water is pooling on the pavers. This could happen if the base was not installed with the proper pitch if improper leveling left a low spot, or the base was not compacted properly causing the pavers to settle.
  6. Pavers are uneven or tipping. This can happen when the pavers are not swept in with joint sand and compacted properly.

Why Does Hiring an Experienced Paving Contractor Bay Area Make Sense?

  • They’ll have the proper tools.
  • They’ll use professional and reliable installation processes.
  • They’ll use only high-quality pavers and materials.
  • They’ll help you create your own design.

Seek Expertise from Paving Contractor Bay Area

Contact Viking Pavers, serving all the Bay Area. We offer exceptional work to exceed your expectations including retaining walls, driveways, patios, walkways, pool decks, steps, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens. Our Bay Area landscape and paver craftsmen are trained and certified.