Benefits To Adding Pavers To Your Poolscape

Adding Interlocking Concrete Pavers To Your Pool Deck

Your pool is the centerpiece of your outdoor living area. Many pools are lined with a small ring of pavers or cement that provides no outdoor seating or dining areas. Adding pavers can update your pool and increase your enjoyment of the space. Additional reasons to install pavers around your pool include:

ppolscape concrete pavers

  • Safety. Tile and stone are naturally slippery when wet, but pavers are textured and therefore slip-resistant. This protects everyone who uses your pool but especially children who run and chase no matter how often adults tell them to stop.
  • Durability. Pavers are strong and resistant to cracking. Heavy traffic, harsh pool chemicals, sun and salt will not deteriorate them.
  • Design Flexibility. They can be used to create large, pool-side patios or outdoor kitchens. You can create new hardscape features or coordinate with existing yard elements.
  • Installation Options. They are easy to install in any shape or design to compliment your pool and create your vision. Several pavers are thin enough to install over existing concrete to reduce costs and give new life to an old pool design.
  • Ease of Repair. If a paver is damaged or broken, you can replace it and not impact the rest of the poolscape.

Adding pavers to your poolscape will increase your enjoyment and the value of your home.

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