Bay Area Homeowners Replacing Asphalt and Concrete Driveways with Pavers

driveway pavers in san jose bay area

Homeowners once had only a few options for their driveways, and only 2 main materials choices asphalt or concrete. Today,  paver stone driveways are changing the landscape. An attractive driveway gives your home an upscale feel, adds curb appeal and makes your driveway part of the atmosphere of your house. Paving stones can really dress up your property.

Benefits of Pavers for Bay Area Driveways and Patios

Paving stones have many benefits over asphalt and concrete. While the upfront cost may be higher than some options, these 5 benefits alone will make it clear why home owners are increasingly opting for paver driveways in the Bay Area and beyond.

  1. Durability
    Some experts estimate that paving stones will last 25 years or more without needing to be replaced. The material isn’t stone, but highly compressed baked concrete, giving your driveway more strength.
  2. Comes in multiple patterns, colors and textures
    Paving stones come in many different colors. The stones can be arranged in just about any shape or pattern you can come up with. Designs and patterns made with alternating colors can create a natural appearance or provide organization to direct traffic flow or be incorporated into your overall landscape and hardscape design scheme. A Bay area landscape design company can work out a suitable pattern that matches your home’s look and style.
  3. Easy to replace
    When concrete or asphalt needs repairs, the options are to replace the entire driveway or to have obvious  patches by only repairing the broken parts. With paving stones, just the stones that are damaged need to be replaced.If you have a problem under your driveway, the stones can be removed and put back without loss of your investment.
  4. Easy maintenance
    Use a paving sealer to prevent the stones from staining. If you get oil on your driveway, it will be easy to clean up. Rubber marks can be washed away.
  5. Flexibility
    Interlocking concrete pavers adjust to earthquakes more effectively than other driveway materials. The small spaces between the pavers give the material some flexibility when the ground shakes and the surface won’t crack, as can happen with poured concrete.

Consider Hardscaping to Match Your Landscaping

Concrete pavers give your home a unique appearance. Bay area patio pavers let you continue a look throughout your front and back yard. Make your driveway an important style element of your home when you invest in a new driveway. Bay area driveway pavers can help you find the pattern that fits your home and improves the curb appeal. If you’re ready to replace your old driveway with pavers give us a call to schedule a free in-home consultation.