Belgard vs. Calstone Pavers: Which One is Right for Your Home?

Belgard vs. Calstone pavers: which one is right for your home?When enhancing the outdoor aesthetic and functionality of your home, it is important to choose the right pavers. Pavers improve the appearance of your property while also maintaining its long-term durability.

Belgard and Calstone, two well-known paver brands, have received industry recognition for their exceptional quality. Viking Pavers has investigated Belgard and Calstone pavers to help you decide which is best for your home improvement project.

Plan and Collection

The accessibility of various paver styles, from Belgard and Calstone, guarantees that you can easily track down the one that supplements your home’s particular style. Belgard offers alternatives for rustic, contemporary, and traditional pavers. Thanks to their varying attributes, you can create a unique outdoor space with regular surfaces,such as:

  • Stones
  • Lively, interesting designs
  • Distinctive shapes

On the other hand, Calstone offers its customers a wide range of pavers in various styles, textures, and finishes. You can effectively identify the optimal choice for your desired aesthetic from an extensive assortment of traditional and contemporary options.

Strength and Quality

Both Belgard and Calstone strive to provideexceptional pavers. Belgard ensures their pavers are strong and durable by employing advanced manufacturing and rigorous testing techniques. Their goal is to exceed industry standards.

Calstone is confidentin the resilience of its pavers. Creating pavers that withstand heavy foot traffic, severe weather, and other environmental factors has been made possible by utilizing a new technique of combining aggregates and cement.

Belgard and Calstone are both excellent products. No matter which you choose,you can rely on their durable performance.

Building Blocks and Support

Installation and maintenance methods can significantly influence the overall result of your paver project. Belgard provides contractors who have been certified and trained in authorized installation techniques. Their contractors follow industrybest practices to ensure an efficient and smooth installation. In addition, homeowners naturally want their pavers to look their best for many years. To that end, Belgard provides them with thenecessary help and resources.

Similarly, Calstone works with certified installers with the knowledge and abilities to make your vision come to life. They provide clear instructions on how to set up and maintain their pavers to ensure they perform at their best and last for years to come.

Environmental Factors to Consider

Selecting ecologically sound options in today’s environmentally conscious society is essential. Belgard is committed to sustainability; therefore, their manufacturing processes incorporate environmentally friendly practices. They promote responsible land use, employ recycling methods, and offer permeable pavers for water management.

Calstone also centers around natural supportability by utilizing neighborhood materials and lessening fossil fuel byproducts during creation. They, too, have options for permeable pavers to help make landscapes better for the environment.

Durafusion Technology

Calstone’s Durafusion technology is an exceptional advancement in paving materials. It surpasses Belgard’s manufacturing approach, which solely depends on a sealant. Durafusion utilizes a creative procedure of fusing a unique layeronto the material, improving its sturdiness and lifespan. This fused layer is an additional protective barrieragainst wear, stains, and weathering.

Conversely, Belgard’s sealant application might offer some security; however, it misses the mark on strength and flexibility given by a fused-on layer. The superior paving solution provided by Calstone’s Durafusion technology guarantees superior performance and a longer lifespan for the materials.

Cost and Accessibility

When planning your project, it’s important to consider how much pavers will cost. Belgard and Calstone offer a selection of pavers to fit various pricepoints. While Belgard is known for its quality but slightly more costly options, it still offers several choices for variousbudgets.

Calstone is an appealing option for homeowners looking for value. It offers competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.

Both Belgard and Calstone are trustworthy brands offering top-notch pavers for your home. When deciding which is best for your project, consider preferences in design, durability, installation requirements, environmental concerns, and budget.

Viking Pavers is here to assist you in transforming your outdoor space with high-quality pavers. Our experienced team can assist you in selecting the perfect pavers for your home and ensure flawless installation.