Your Home Needs Hardscapes and Belgard Pavers Make Them Last

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Paver Experts Discuss Hardscaping in the Bay Area

Outdoor living is one of 2020’s hottest trends. Landscaping deals with the living elements in your yard, the flowers, bushes and trees that create a beautiful atmosphere. Hardscaping is the manmade elements that add function and elegance to your yard. Belgard pavers Bay Area complement your home and create luxurious spaces for entertaining or relaxation.

Types of Hardscaping

Hardscaping is a broad category that includes many different elements that expand your home’s living space. You may already have some types of hardscaping around your yard already. Your patio is a hardscape element. Fire pits are a popular type of hardscaping that offer a place to socialize and unwind. Many yards benefit from accent stones or stone edging that provide borders around gardens to give dimension to the landscape elements. Retaining walls are functional hardscape elements that hold back the earth to create more usable land.

Decks and outdoor kitchens are also trending in hardscape. Outdoor kitchens are great for expanding your kitchen with a grill or pizza oven to watch kids in the pool while you’re cooking a meal. Instead of heating up your home in the summer months, cook outside under a canopy of shade with a light breeze that helps you stay cool. Paving contractors Bay Area can help you create beautiful hardscape elements

Benefits of Hardscaping

Hardscaping increases the functionality of your home by creating outdoor living space, but that’s not the only reason to add these elements to your yard.

  • Low maintenance – when installed correctly, pavers and other hardscape elements don’t need watering, mowing, pruning or trimming.
  • Low water – hardscape elements reduce the amount of water it takes to maintain your lawn.
  • Increased home value – home buyers look for outdoor elements when buying a home. Create a patio with pavers that provide more usable square footage.
  • Add dimension – hardscaping lets you create visually appealing space outdoors where you can relax, entertain, rejuvenate and enjoy privacy from your neighbors.
  • Reduce erosion – hardscaping elements can help keep your yard intact and prevent topsoil from washing away. Pavers are sustainable to let you reduce your carbon footprint.

Paver experts Bay Area can help you find the hardscape elements that fit your style and design. Pavers come in a variety of materials and colors to create focal points and to define your outdoor living space. You can find contemporary designs that look modern and fresh that are easy to keep clean and won’t stain. Contact a local hardscape design company for professional installation.

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