Bay Area Landscape Contractors Share Your Best Bet for Outdoor Home Improvements

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Popular and Worthwhile Outdoor Projects Using Belgard Pavers

Homeowners are turning to their own backyard to improve their living space and home. Outdoor upgrades aren’t just for sellers who want to attract buyers. Many people invest in a patio with Belgard pavers Bay Area to have a place to entertain and relax when the weather is pleasant. Here are some of our top picks for outdoor projects.

Install A Decorative Fire Pit

A fire pit offers great ambiance in your backyard. Who doesn’t enjoy sitting around a small fire, watching the embers, listening to the crackling wood and roasting s’mores. You and your family will make great memories while you talk around the fire. Paving the area with stones gives you a nice platform that will be safe and more comfortable for chairs.

Include Hardscaping Elements for Function and Beauty

Landscapers Bay Area often use non-living elements, AKA hardscaping, as part of your backyard to provide a more functional area. Outdoor fountains or small pools provide the sound of water, which is soothing and calming. Retaining walls provide support in areas that experience erosion, which gives your backyard more usability. Incorporating a few hardscaping elements into your landscape can make your yard more useful and beautiful.

Update Outdoor Lighting

Stone pavers create walkways and living spaces outdoors, but you can’t move outdoors without lights that add character and make it safer to be outside. String lighting offers elegance. Tiki lights give you an island vibe. You may even want to include bug zappers for more comfort. If you’re feeling really posh, candles offer a romantic atmosphere. Look for solar lighting if you’re not ready to invest in an electrician.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen

One of the hottest trends in outdoor living is a full kitchen, with a grill, pizza oven, refrigerator and sink to let you host a party while you’re still doing cooking duty. The kids can play outside while the adults talk and no one has to go traipsing through the house to get a drink.

Create a Morning Nook

Build your patio to be a haven when you’re enjoying your morning coffee. Tile pavers provide a safe and secure flooring. An outdoor table next to a lounger lets you take in the fresh air before work right in your own backyard. Work with a landscape design company to create a look that matches your home’s style and personality. You may never want to come inside again.

Belgard Pavers and Much More from a Bay Area Landscape Contractor

Backyard design increases the value of your home, whether you’re planning to sell or not. A comfortable backyard gives you more room to host parties. It adds character to your home. You can enjoy your beautiful gardens. Invest in hardscaping elements that fit the way you live by contacting landscape contractors Bay Area or call (800) 941-1014.