Bay Area Landscape Design & Hardscapes Boost Property Value


bay area retaining walls landscaping

Every homeowner worries about curb appeal. Even if you’re not planning on selling, you want your home to look nice inside and out to keep property values high in your neighborhood. Bob Vila reports that professional landscape design can add 20 percent to your home’s value. Hardscaping isn’t just about adding monetary value to your home. It also gives you more enjoyment of your gardens and patio.

Landscape Design Elements that Improve Your Bay Area Home

Wouldn’t it be great if the land around your home was perfectly flat, drained efficiently and never eroded? Paving contractors and landscape designers in the Bay Area will tell you that hardscaping elements give you more functionality of your outdoor space by doing what Mother Nature didn’t. Adding paver stones from the driveway to your garden to create a walkway adds appeal to your home and lets you navigate safely and effectively.

Retaining walls in the Bay Area hold back the soil to prevent erosion and increase usage of outdoor spaces. You can use retaining walls to build flower beds and gardens along hillsides to create unique layers that won’t let the dirt slide into your backyard. Stairways complete the look to allow you access to your gardens without taking away from the landscape design.

Thinking About Your Budget?

Create a master plan that lets you build your landscaping and hardscaping in phases. Paving contractors can help you make a plan that lets you add features to your backyard and patio that are aesthetically pleasing, add comfort to your home and increase your property value without looking like your yard is in a state of construction for years to come. Start with a plan to grow your yard into a beautiful property that adds value to the home.

Add Space to Your Home

If you’ve ever wished you had a bigger kitchen or living room but don’t have space inside, think outside. Your backyard can be transformed into a stylish outdoor kitchen, dining room and living space through the use of retaining walls, landscaping, and hardscaping. Outdoor kitchens aren’t just a backyard grill anymore, but an entire suite of appliances that add functionality and beauty to your home.

Retaining Walls, Landscaping and Paving Companies in the Bay Area

More homeowners today are investing in outdoor property renovations to increase the value of their home from outdoor kitchens to landscape lighting and attractive new paver driveways. Contact Viking Pavers, your professional paving contractors today to get ideas on updating your yard with beautiful paver stones and more.