When Is It Time To Repair or Replace a Residential Retaining Wall?

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Bay Area Retaining Walls Contractors – Repair or Replace a Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls are commonly used for both residential and commercial applications. They are valuable for many reasons but sometimes retaining walls may need to be repaired or replaced. When that time arrives, it is time to call expert Bay Area retaining walls contractors. 

Purposes and Benefits of Residential Retaining Walls

One of the primary purposes of a retaining wall is to hold back the soil. Thus, residential retaining walls can be constructed to prevent soil erosion and provide flood control. They can be used to improve drainage and protect property assets. Retaining walls make slopes more functional including adding more useful space to one’s yard. They are also used for design purposes to create attractive aesthetic features. Professional Bay Area landscape contractors will design and install a beautiful retaining wall that will delight property owners for many years to come. 

Why Do Retaining Walls Fail

Retaining walls may need to be repaired or replaced as they start to fail due to bad subgrade or footing, improper drainage installation, improper backfill layering, and incorrect construction materials. They can fail due to faulty construction errors including poor design, calculation errors regarding the necessity for proper depth and weight, and poor construction methods. They can also fail due to the natural effects of age including the ground shifting, stoppage of drainage, and the crumbling or cracking of materials used. It is critical to prevent failure to use qualified Bay Area paving contractors to do the work correctly. 

Signs that it is Time to Repair or Replace Residential Retaining Walls

Here are signs that it is time to repair or replace residential retaining walls: 

  • Separation of parts of the wall from itself or from an attached structure. 
  • Slippage of parts of the wall. 
  • Bowed, bulging, or tilted walls. 
  • Cracking or crumbling of the wall structure. 
  • Noticeable cracks, especially multiple cracks and large cracks. 
  • Water leaks and signs of water trickling down in the wrong places (because properly installed retaining walls will have good/planned drainage.) Also, not seeing water from seep holes after rain. 
  • Sinking of the soil in surrounding areas. 

Hiring expert Bay Area retaining walls contractors to take care of these issues will prevent collateral damage from a failing retaining wall that can include mudslides that can block drains, walkways, and parking areas, flowing or pooled water that can damage a home’s foundation, cause basement and crawl space leaks, and unsafe and annoying potholes and sinkholes.  

How to Choose Bay Area Landscape Contractors

Make sure they have the right experience and ask about the quality of their work. Consider their design capabilities. Check their reputation and get references. Ensure that they have insurance.  

Find Bay Area Retaining Walls Contractors

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