Designing a Multilevel Back Yard with Retaining Walls


bay area retaining wall terrace

Make More of Your Home with a Bay Area Retaining Wall

Landscaping would be much simpler if the ground was level, like a blank canvas, but that is rarely the case. Slopes in your backyard give your garden character, but it’s often difficult to fully utilize the space without renovations. Retaining walls give your Bay Area landscape more functionality and style. Here are our best tips to utilize retaining walls.

Know What You Want to Achieve in Your Landscape

Paver steps installers in the Bay Area will tell you that landscape renovations should increase the value of your home, both aesthetically and functionally. Before you start any remodeling, create a plan that helps you build the landscape you want. Even if you can’t get everything built in one summer, you can take steps toward your ultimate goals. Put your ideas on paper and talk to a professional landscaper about your design to get ideas from experts to fully maximize your space.

Start With Professional Design and Installation

Retaining walls are not just stacks of rocks to give layers to your landscape. They are engineered to hold back the soil and prevent erosion. There’s a science to these walls that means you should get professional installation to ensure that the retaining walls do their job. You can’t lay a retaining wall on unlevel surfaces. You have to make sure that there’s drainage. You may even have to get permission from your municipality, depending on the scope of your project and local laws.

Use Multiple Levels to Build Interest in Your Garden

Don’t think you only need to use one size of a Bay Area retaining wall in your landscape. You can tier the walls to create visual interest and garden zones for different purposes. Install a multi-level patio, just make sure that the taller retaining wall in the back is set back at least six feet so that it doesn’t exert pressure on the lower-level wall. Install tiered garden beds to separate plants that do well together.

Bay Area Retaining Wall Installation

Retaining wall installers in the Bay Area can help you transform your unlevel landscape into a backyard paradise that will suit your lifestyle. We can elevate your garden to your favorite spot in your home.