Utilize the Imminent Rain from El Nino by Constructing a Rain Garden

Create your Own Rain Garden With These 3 Easy Steps

Rain Garden Coupled with a Paved Walkway


Rain gardens are appealing and functional.  They are exceptional at filtering rainwater and using it to sustain beautiful plant life. When you have a low-lying area that is prone to collect water, rain gardens can be an excellent alternative to overgrown pebbled pathways or overly sparse backyard spaces (while you’re at it, replace those overgrown pebbled pathways with a nice interlocking hardscape paving design).  Bay Area forecasters predict that the weather phenomenon known as El Nino will produce copious amounts of rain for California this winter. Now is the perfect time to build a rain garden of your own. To create your garden, follow these steps.

1. Choose the site.
Begin by finding a spot for the garden. The site should be low-lying to collect water. In general, clay soil is preferable.

2. Select your plants.
Choose the right plants for your garden by looking for native plants that can tolerate high levels of moisture.

3. Design your garden.
Arrange your plants in the desired formation, keeping in mind that some plants require more space to themselves than others. Consider adding decorative features to your garden by placing stepping-stones or hiring walkway installers.

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If you aren’t comfortable building a rain garden on your own, or if you just don’t have the time, call a respected, qualified Bay Area landscape company for help developing a strategy.  They’ll provide an appropriate plan that will incorporate your new rain garden into your hardscape design project.

Transform your Backyard from Mundane to Extravagant

The Viking Pavers team understands how to transform ordinary backyard spaces into extraordinary environments. As winter approaches here in the Bay Area, El Nino looms as both a threat to California and a salvation of sorts from the epic drought.  Our experienced paving contractors are standing by to help homeowners beautify their spaces in cost effective, creative ways. Call us today at (800) 941-1014 or send us a message!