Paving Contractor in the Bay Area Will Replace Market Street’s Bricks with Pavers

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Pedestrian and Bike Traffic will Replace Vehicle Traffic on Market Street in San Francisco

Longtime Bay Area residents are used to dealing with change, since that’s part of life in a busy community. Though some types of changes can disruptive and unpleasant, one recent effort to make Market Street more accessible for those with walking or balance challenges is receiving a lot of positive attention.

After several years of planning stemming from a class-action lawsuit over lack of access for disabled pedestrians, San Francisco’s Public Works Department recently finalized plans to replace 2.2 miles of the older brick roadway with pavers, upgrade curb ramps and also limit access to motorized vehicles.

Work is expected to begin this year on the new pathway which has been designed to provide a much more even surface. It will do so by replacing the aging bricks which have grown uneven and even dangerous over the last 40 years. Banning all cars, except for delivery vehicles and those owned by local businesses and residents, not only will reduce a high number of accidents but also be welcomed by pedestrians, especially those with disabilities and mobility-related health conditions.

Paving contractors Bay Area residents look to for advice can tell you that brick might look good at first but over time is likely to shift and create gaps and uneven gaps, and even become slippery in the rain. Mortar can also chip away with use, creating further random spacing concerns.

The current terrain is unsuitable and even dangerous for people in wheelchairs, people with canes or anyone else with balance and mobility challenges. People who are blind or have vision problems also might have problem navigating the current brick pathway.

Text of the Americans with Disabilities Act specifies that proper ADA-compliant surfaces must be smooth and continuous, with any variations less than a quarter-of-an-inch.

Paving companies Bay Area businesses or residents who want to know more about concrete pavers will learn that they are a much smarter and safer alternative that’s also durable.

They’ll also learn that trying to be pro-active and install these types of pavers may be a smart move to make a community safer and welcoming to disabled. It also could be more affordable in the long run, compared to possible legal fees and settlements for disability advocates who want better access to specific areas but feel unsafe or discriminated against.

The upgraded Market Street project will also welcome bikes and non-motorized scooters, whose owners will also appreciate the more even surface of the pavers and the lack of motorized traffic. The type of ruts that are there now can make things bumpy on a good day, or downright dangerous on a poor weather day.

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